John Kratz

This week on Career Crashers Joel is joined by John Kratz, co-founder of STORYseekers, where he helps people sell, lead, and influence with stories.

I think the biggest mistake I see students make when they’re doing any kind of interview is that they think it’s about demonstrating their competency, when in reality, what they want to reveal is their character.

John Kratz

At Crash, we know the power your story has when launching your career, so we’re excited to have John share his career story and how young professionals can win opportunities by telling better stories.

I believe that the shortest path between two people is a story.

John Kratz

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Show notes

  • How John stumbled through college only to enter a bad economy.
  • Working as a waiter and being asked to sell butter for Land o’ Lakes.
  • Selling 3 million pounds of butter.
  • Launching a professional sales major.
  • Selling yourself and the power of story.
  • Tending the story of the person you’re listening to.
  • Curiosity is king. The power of being curious and peaking curiosity in your listener.

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