Jackson Sullivan

At age 17 Jackson opted out of the traditional education path and joined the Praxis Bootcamp!

He learned the basics of value creation on the job and created a video editing business that allowed him to work and travel the U.S. and world.

And even though I had no formal experience, I was able to just send companies pitches and just demonstrate to them directly why they should work with me. And it worked!

Jackson sullivan

Now, he’s based in Austin, and has started, The Gift, a company that creates and runs celebratory experiences.

Throughout his career journey Jackson has used pitches to create opportunities and today we’re diving into his journey and how a recent experience pitching led to an incredible opportunity with Mindfix.

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Show notes

  • Learning what value creation means at Praxis.
  • Setting up his own video editing and videography business at 17 years old.
  • Traveling the world while running his own business at 18 years old.
  • How Jackson won a gift worth 5 figures through free work and a pitch.
  • The compounding interest of social capital, built through pitching.

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