Cameron Sorsby

Cameron Sorsby is the CEO of Praxis, where he’s worked to help hundreds of people launch careers through apprenticeships at exciting and growing businesses around the US.

The earlier in your career you are, the more you should be saying yes.

Cameron Sorsby

Through his work Cameron has seen a lot of people make successful career moves, but he’s also seen others run into roadblocks, and not be able to win the opportunities they want.

I think the underlying theme is: if you’re approaching your early career and young professional life in a passive manner, then you’re not going to ultimately get what you want out of it.

Cameron Sorsby

So, on this episode, we’re diving into what NOT to do when you’re starting your career or making a career change, and answering the question what are the mindsets and actions that stop people from creating great careers?

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Show notes

  • Finishing school and wondering what to do with your life.
  • From abstract long term thinking to becoming pro-active and focusing on real opportunities in the short term.
  • Going to college because you have to go.
  • Having the courage to take charge.
  • Being willing to move as a proxy for being willing to say yes to opportunity.
  • The earlier in your career you are, the more you should be saying yes.
  • How finding a job is not linear.
  • Finding community on the internet.

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