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5 Awesome Startup Companies Hiring Entry-Level Sales Roles

Mitchell Earl
November 2019

Do your friends and family balk at the thought of playing Monopoly with you because you’re so competitive? Or are you the kind of social butterfly who can walk into any room full of strangers and half an hour later come back with the names of five new best friends?

Sales often gets a bad wrap as a line of work that’s strictly for overly-aggressive “sharks” or a sleazy, conniving used car salesman. But in reality, the sales profession is chock-full of honest, trustworthy, and highly-intelligent people who play a critical role in helping other people and businesses solve their most important problems.

It can be a phenomenal career jumping-off point for anyone with a competitive streak and naturally-extroverted. But highly-analytical, introverted, deep-thinkers also thrive in sales. Some of the core traits that make the best sales people successful are more about how they manage their time, the care they take in cultivating relationships, and their ability to understand and empathize with others.

If any of those traits resonate with you, well, sales just may be a great place to launch your career. And if that’s the case, we’ve put together this short list of some of our favorite sales companies. Yes, these companies all sell, but not just anything–these companies have built their businesses around enhancing the way selling is done. Check ’em out.


Clearbit has built a powerful platform that helps companies to better understand their customers, identify potential future customers, and add rich personalization to the entire sales and marketing journey. They’re focused on creating a powerful data supply for modern businesses. Want to learn more? Visit Clearbit’s site.


Ever been a phone call and said something that didn’t come out just right? Well, Gong is here to help. It’s created a great tool for sales people to enhance their conversations–and it’s helping businesses create more meaningful interactions with their customers and prospects. Check out Gong’s website to read why Gong is a great place to work.


A big part of sales–especially just starting out–usually involves trying to find people who might make good customers and how to get in touch with them. LeadIQ makes that process a lot easier by offering a powerful prospecting tool. Take their product for a spin with their free trial. And while you’re at it, check out LeadIQ’s site to learn more about what they’re building and how to join the team.


A huge challenge in high-velocity sales is keeping track of all your conversations with different people, being sure to follow up at the right time, and staying organized amidst dozens of different platforms that are supposed to make your life and job easier. Well, with Outreach, you can finally regain your sanity as a salesperson. They’ve build an absolutely groundbreaking platform for managing conversations, for creating better customer follow up touch points, and for improving the sales process from start to finish. They’ve got a great product, a great team, and a world-class SaaS sales development training program. Visit Outreach’s site to see why it might be a great place to launch a career in sales.


I read this jaw-dropping stat from a DiscoverOrg study a while back that suggested the average sales team loses approximately 550 hours and $32,000 per sales rep because of bad data. Imagine how impactful solving that problem could be for a company at any stage. Well, ZoomInfo is on the bleeding edge of addressing that huge pain point for sales teams. Their platform is a great source of truth for improving data quality or building high-quality prospecting lists. They’ve got a great team and some strong leaders, too. Want to know more? Look no further than ZoomInfo’s career page.

Not quite sure if you’re cut of for a career in sales? Check out our sales resource page to learn how sales can equip you with a skillset and professional experience that offers exceptional career and income upside.

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