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5 Fast-Growing Tech Companies To Launch Your Career in Customer Success

Mitchell Earl
November 2019

When a friend calls you about something going on their life, are you the drop-everything-to-help kind of person? Do you get emotionally invested in other people’s success? Or do you get a rush from crossing items off a to-do list?

Well, if any of those describe you, customer success may be a great place to launch your career.

Customer success is not just fancy startup lingo for customer service. And go ahead and erase that image you’re conjuring up in your head about cubicles that stretch as far as the eye can see and a thousand people wearing headsets answering phones. Because contrary to popular belief, great customer success is not about how volume of calls and speed of solution.

Customer success is about helping people enjoy a better experience. The best teams proactively find ways to delight customers, instead of passively waiting for someone to call in madder than a nest of hornets.

If you enjoy helping, teaching, or coaching others through stuff, maybe you should consider launching your career in customer success.

To give a good preview of what a career in customer success can hold, we’ve highlighted 5 companies who’re leading the charge. Check ’em out.


ChurnZero offers a real-time solution for subscription-based businesses to understand how customers use a company’s software so they can improve the experience. They’re headquartered in Washington, DC.

Here’s how one employee described the ChurnZero culture on Glassdoor:

Cohesiveness and sense of working towards same mission across departments, versus sales/marketing/product and dev/customer success all being in silos. Along with this, access to senior leadership top down. CEOs and execs at my previous companies have generally always been friendly and approachable, but here I’ve actually directly collaborated with the CEO and VPs from other departments.”

Want to learn more about joining the ChurnZero team? Head on over to ChurnZero’s career page.


Gainsight’s product helps big companies deliver the same kind of personal, feel-good customer support like their customers get at their favorite mom and pop shop down the street. They’re headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

Here’s what one employee had to say about GainSight on Glassdoor:

“Gainsight is a fun company that cares about their employees. It’s got a flexible work/life balance, great people, and a great CEO.

Want to learn more about working at GainSight? Visit Gainsight’s career page.


Intercom has built a full suite of tools that help businesses get closer with their customers – from easy chat and messaging tools to support features, and more. They’re in San Francisco, CA.

Want to know what employees are saying about working at Intercom? Visit Glassdoor. Here’s a preview:

“I’ve worked at Intercom for 2.5 years and I can say this is the first and only job I’ve ever really loved. I’m inspired every day by the people I work with and for, and have a great team. While I can speak for other teams and orgs, I can say that in my experience, I’ve had great career opportunities (promoted 2x since I’ve joined), feel like my comp has been more than fair compared to my peers and other companies I’ve worked at, and am thankful for all the generous benefits I receive here. I’m also very excited about what the future holds for Intercom, it’s a great product with some smart people behind it.

Learn more about opportunities at Intercom’s career page.


From UserIQ’s website, their platform helps companies “Build deeper customer relationships, understand user hurdles, and meet user needs in the most appropriate way.” They’re headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

Here’s what one employee had to say about working at UserIQ on Glassdoor:

This is a great place to grow. A lot of companies promise that, but I really feel like UserIQ delivers. There is a focus on personal development both in a structured way in terms of professional development, conferences, etc. but also in the sense that being a small company, you can jump into a lot of different areas within your role.

Learn more about open opportunities by visiting UserIQ’s career page.


Zendesk allows companies to connect with their customers across any platform – their customers include with other cool companies like Slack, Airbnb, Uber, and Shopify. They’re headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

Here’s what one employee said about Zendesk via Glassdoor:

Good product, good people, good culture, fair pay, good work-life balance, plenty of opportunity for career progression.

Check out Zendesk’s career page for more on how you can join the team.

Interested in learning more about what a career in customer success takes? Check out our Customer Success resource page to learn how sales can equip you with a skillset and professional experience that offers exceptional career and income upside.

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