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7 Best Places to Work If You Want to Launch a Career in Operations

Mitchell Earl
December 2019

Are you someone who loves solving complex problems; making systems run more smoothly; or are just a very organized, detail-oriented person? If so, operations might be a great place to launch your career.

And what better place to get a start in operations than companies that have created tools and software for improving business operations? Plus, in addition to the great tools each of these companies have built, they’ve got a strong external culture–ones that, from the outside looking in, look like they’d be a great place to work, with a strong team and vision.

So, with that criteria in mind, here are seven companies we think are the kind of companies anyone looking to launch a career in operations might daydream about.


Airtable has created a powerful, part-spreadsheet, part-database tool that allows any team or person to build and organize their business.

Their software is easy to learn and use, works seamlessly with hundreds of other popular tools, and their team is constantly adding to a rich base of templates anyone can access.

In addition to the cool tools, Airtable’s mission is making big waves in the #NoCode movement, with a mission to “democratize software creation by enabling anyone to build the tools that meet their needs.”

If that excites you like it does us, well, good news–they’re regularly hiring. Check out their career page to see open opportunities.


Asana’s built a beautiful, user-friendly project management platform that combines calendars, projects, deadlines, communication, lists…basically, you name it, it’s there–all in one easy-to-use interface.

Asana’s product is an aesthetic dream come true. It’s visually clean and smooth to use. If you’re interested in operations and have some design chops, we think this might be a great place to get exposure to both career paths. Visit their website to view all their openings.


Their career page boldly reads: “Do the best work of your career.” And this is a team that means it.

Basecamp is an awesome company with a unique philosophy on work, culture, and what it means to build a business. The company was founded back in 1999, and it continues to innovate. Ever heard of Ruby on Rails? Yeah, well, they created it. Not to mention, their team has written multiple best-selling books and built an awesome software for collaboratively managing all your projects in one place.

If you can manage yourself, “consider yourself an eager learner, a conscientious worker, and a thoughtful, kind, supportive human,” Basecamp just might be a great place for you to launch your career. Basecamp isn’t always hiring, but the good news is you can sign up for updates about future opportunities on their career page.


Notion has created a note-taking app + project management + collaboration tool on steroids. Plus, they’ve got a personable and approachable brand story and point of view that feels very human, conversational, and like it’d be a great team to be part of.

From their About page, they write, “We want to break away from today’s tools–and bring back some of the ideas of those early pioneers.”

After you’re hyped from reading that, check out their open opportunities.


Todoist is part of the Doist team–which is an organization focused on bringing balance to the universe and the future of work by building better tools for the workplace and living. They launched in 2007 with their flagship product, Todoist, and have continued building and growing ever since–without raising a cent in venture capital.

Check out their careers page for current openings. They even have a spot for you to design your own position.


Trello created an easy and flexible Kanban-style project-management and collaboration tool that makes it easy to stay on top of any task, project, or more.

Trello was acquired back in 2017 by Atlassian–the company that created other powerful tools like Jira and Confluence. To learn more about working at Trello, check out their openings here.


Ever found yourself repeating the same menial task over and over again, wishing there was an easy way to make that task disappear forever? Well, with Zapier, you can do just that.

They’ve built a world-class platform that allows you to connect all your favorite apps and create workflows to make that software talk to one another easily. We use Zapier to save countless hours every month on a wide variety of tasks.

And the best part? Their entirely-remote team seems as cool as the product they’ve built.

If you want to join a team that’s on the bleeding edge of the future of work, look no further than Zapier’s career page to check out open opportunities.

Not quite sure if operations is right for you? Check out our operations resource page to learn why it’s a great place to gain valuable, real-world experience and build a broad inventory of highly-marketable skills.

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