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The Sales Sequence That Got Bradley Five Interviews a Week and an Awesome Job in Sales

Morgan Von Gunten
November 2019

You don’t know me, but I want to talk about the value I can bring to the sales team at your company.

I was just doing some research on LinkedIn when I came across your business development opportunity. After doing some investigation into ZoomInfo’s data for sales teams, I couldn’t help myself–I had to apply and reach out to make an introduction. I’m sure you know well: great teams always have room for great players.

I would love to demonstrate the value I can offer using the proven sales systems of Science-Based Sales, as well as my past ten years of B2B experience.

And hey, Brian, if you’re not in charge of managing the sales development opportunity at ZoomInfo, would you be open to introducing me to someone who is?

Here’s a lil’ flick about me. I promise it’s not boring. You can also learn more about me here. And finally, here’s my resume.

I’m transitioning careers, and I’d love to find 15 minutes to discuss the sales development role. By the end of that call, we should both have an idea of whether or not this would be a good fit.

May the sales be with you!

Bradley hit send on an email just like that to a company called ZoomInfo.

That same afternoon, after a sales manager at the company saw it, he got an interview.

We got to hear straight from Bradley on how he did it–how he won interviews and got email responses in a day and age where that often feels impossible. But the truth is, his story shows it’s not impossible–in fact, sometimes all you need is six emails and a really great job-hunting system.

Bradley’s Job-Hunting System

“I’ve got an email sequence. It’s not just an email sequence–it’s an outreach sequence.”

Bradley’s got a great system for his hunt–a system used by the team called the Agoge sequence. It’s got six emails, and it’s full of LinkedIn touches, phone calls, messages, content interactions. There’s a lot of personalization in the emails. 

He writes different copy for his emails, depending on the company and the employee (it’s always personalized to a specific person, company, and product–like the email at the top of this post). But his overall sequence is pretty much the same no matter who he sends it to. 

The Job Hunt is a Sales Process

“In sales, you’ve got to keep your pipeline full. One day, you might make five deals, the other day you might make zero. So if you’re doing the work constantly, it’s going to work out. My thing was I wanted to be applying to a certain number of opportunities each week. In doing that, I was able to keep my afternoon completely full. I had about four interviews, maybe five interviews per week.”

The sales manager at ZoomInfo was incredibly impressed and intrigued–Bradley was doing sales even before he got the sales job. So he reached out, got Bradley an interview with the recruiter. Multiple managers interviewed him again the following week. He was offered the job immediately afterwards.

Make Your Job-Hunting Sales Process as Personal as You Can

“On my first outreach, I’ve got a video. I’ve got the personalization specific to the person that I’m reaching out to. So they can tell it’s not just an automated email. I’ve got my Crash pitch, and these are all sort of linked strategically in the email. 

“And that’s what they want to see. If you’re a marketer, they want to see that you can market yourself and that you are generating content that is trying to accomplish a goal. It needs to speak to all different people that are going to be looking at your stuff. 

“Different candidates are going to have to reach out to their prospective employers in different ways. So I think it is important to just show that in your outreach, you are setting yourself apart from the other 99 that are going to be applying. In today’s world, it’s all about just setting yourself apart from the rest.”

Bradley’s Tips for the Sales Job Hunt

  • Stay in contact with your prospective employers–follow up on every interview with a thank-you email, telling them why you think you’ll be a good fit.
  • Be confident in your outreach–pick good employers to prospect. You’re a valuable candidate–you’re bringing something to the table. Own that.


A note from Bradley: “The template probably isn’t cookie-cutter for everyone. But it illustrates how I used the sequence for myself. It should be used creatively and geared toward your target employer profile.”

Do Everything You Can to Set Yourself Apart From the Rest

“I had a bunch of prospects tell me, ‘I’ve never seen that Crash pitch before. I love the video. And it’s cool that you’re up-to-speed on all of that tech.’ They thought it was great. 

“Do a video. Put down the tech you’re familiar with and learn some new tech–there are really good ways to get up-to-speed on a lot of that tech if you’re not already. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be doing everything you can to set yourself apart from the rest.”

Thinking about breaking into sales at a startup? Visit our sales resource page to learn why it’s a great role to gain valuable, real-world experience and develop skills that’ll help you get a head-start professionally. 

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