Crash Daily: Saturdays are for Job Hunting

Isaac Morehouse
January 2021

Ah yes, the weekend. An ideal time to make big progress on your job hunt.

I find that a cadence helps when doing something big like finding a new job. Ideally, you will do at least one meaningful thing every single day to make progress on the hunt. That way you never lose momentum. But some days, you want to really go deep.

The great thing about weekend work is that most other people aren’t working. That means you get to cut through the noise. When you email hiring managers, you won’t be competing with all their other work-related emails. When you research companies or ask around, people are more likely to be more relaxed in their DMs.

Seize the day, grab a cup of coffee, roll up your sleeves, and take pride in some solid weekend work to forge that next career step!