The Secret Skill that Beats All the Rest

Isaac Morehouse
May 2015

I’m going to tell you a secret.

There is a skill you can master which will guarantee everything you do will improve by at least 50%, but probably more like 100%, and more over time.

The best part about this skill is it’s easy.

Anyone can obtain it. You don’t need to have any particular natural talent. You don’t need any resources or teachers to master it.

Once you have it and it becomes a part of your every operation, you will begin to achieve things at an accelerating rate. Your success will compound, and your reputation will bring you more opportunities.

In the words of Morpheus, “Do you want to know what it is?”

Getting stuff done.

That’s it. Read it again. Let it sink in.

Get stuff done.

What this looks like in practice

Responding to emails immediately, and never taking longer than 24 hours to do so.

Showing up for everything you’ve said you’d show up for.

Finishing everything you’ve said you’d finish—and on time. When you say, “I’ll read that book,” or “I’ll check out that website,” or “I’ll send you a pitch,” doing it. Immediately. If you can’t or won’t, don’t say those things. Every time you say you’ll do something and don’t, you’ve missed an opportunity to be better than the majority of your peers and build social capital.

In 90% of situations, I’d take someone with coherent same-day responses to all communications who always delivers as promised and when promised over someone with mastery of just about any skill I can think of.

I’m not alone in this. The desperate need for hard-working, reliable people who communicate immediately all the time is off the charts.

If you make people wait for responses or wonder if you’ll ever follow through, you’ve cost them, even if only psychologically. People don’t tend to want to work with people who cost them, they want to work with people whom they never have to expend any mental energy worrying about.

They want to work with people who pleasantly surprise them by over-delivering.

Anyone can be the person who always follows through, always communicates, always delivers, and never leaves anyone hanging or in the dark. It’s only a matter of will and discipline.

Just get stuff done.

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