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12 Days of Pitchmas

Morgan Von Gunten
December 2019

The job hunt doesn’t have to be boring—and you don’t have to disappear into the resume stack, waiting for a response that never comes.

Instead, there are so many ways to take control of your job hunt—and this fun 12 Days of Pitchmas approach helps you do just that.


On the first day of Pitchmas…

Start by picking twelve jobs you’re interested in. Here are some of our favorite boards to get you started:

Get specific, get fun. Find what interests you and add it to a list. (A spreadsheet works well.)

If you’re not sure what job to search for, check out our ultimate guides to entry-level jobs. Or take this quiz to find out what role would fit you best!

On the second day of Pitchmas…

Rank the job postings you found in order of most-excited-about to least-excited-about.

On the third day of Pitchmas…

Spend an hour researching the bottom company on your list (this’ll help you get practice reps in as you work your way up to the top company on your list). Take notes on what you find about:

  • Who their customers are
  • What pain points their solving—or trying to solve
  • How big they are
  • What their mission is

On the fourth day of Pitchmas…

Today, you make your first pitch!

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how we recommend going about making something to really stand out when applying to this job.

Once you’re ready, write a short email to the hiring manager at that company (here’s how to find their email address, and here are some email templates to give you a starting point on email copy). Be sure to address them by name. Then send off what you made!

On the next few days of Pitchmas…

Keep working through your list of job openings.

Try researching one role a day, sketching out how to pitch each one, creating your pitch, and sending it.

Your pitch doesn’t have to be perfect. Each could take around two hours to create. Make sure to research each one and create a short video for each one. You could use Google Slides and Loom, or you could use the tailored pitch tool we created just for this purpose.

This approach does take more work than only sending in your resume. But the return on investment is huge—those pitches have a much higher chance of getting you a response in return—and an interview.

Try pitching a second company. Then a third. Work up your list until you reach the top—odds are, by then you’ll have heard back from several.

You’ve got this!

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