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“But Then They Hired Someone with a Fancy Degree”

Isaac Morehouse
February 2019

I often see people say things like,

“Sure, they say you don’t need a fancy degree to get the job. But then they hire people with fancy degrees.”

It’s not because companies are lying about not needing a degree. It’s because candidates are totally lame and uninteresting.

In a pool of generic, flat, 2D resumes and applications, the better formal credential will get more attention because there’s nothing else to go on. In such a pool, it’s also true that anyone who can show anything more interesting than a paper credential will also get more attention. That is a really low bar.

Degrees are incredibly weak, flabby signals. Anyone with average or above intelligence, drive, or ambition is undersold by the signal of a degree. They’re already capable of proving more with just a tiny bit of creativity and work.

Don’t blame the credential. Be more interesting. Do something like this.

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