Crash Daily: You Have More Value Than You Think

Isaac Morehouse
January 2021

I’ve been helping people job hunt and launch careers for nearly 15 years in some capacity or another. One thing that’s remained the same is how much people underestimate their value in the career landscape.

There’s amazing benefit to adding to your skill, network, and ability. You should work at it a little every day. BUT, what you have right now is more valuable than you currently believe.

Yes, you.

You have interests, abilities, and traits that are really valuable to some person, company, or product. More valuable than whatever you’re currently doing. I mean that. The odds that you are employed at the point of maximal return for your skills are almost zero.

This is wonderful news!

It means there is ALWAYS opportunity out there. It means WHATEVER you do well has value to someone.

You probably aren’t aware of all the ways your skills translate into opportunities. Take a typical early job like being a waiter, waitress, barista, busboy, or bartender. If you’re decent at it, you learn to read people, emotional intelligence, ability to say yes to the customer and figure out how to deliver later, adaptability, conflict resolution, ability to spot problems before they arise and head them off, and how to solve problems on the fly without instruction.

Do you know how many jobs are dying for that list of abilities?

So many awesome, growing tech startups, for example, are desperate for excellent customer success, operations, marketing, and sales reps to come in and employ those same soft skills.

So here’s a challenge. Start this year by making a quick abilities inventory. What are some things you do well? Even super basic stuff counts, like, “I’m good at keeping a positive attitude” or “I’m very punctual”. Write out your list.

The next step is to start doing some research on what kinds of roles and jobs really value those traits. You might be surprised what you find.

You are more valuable than you think. You CAN take who you already are and turn it into a valuable next step on your career journey.