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Culdesac: Start Your Career in 2020 by Helping Build Car-Free Cities

Jeremy Chevallier
February 2020

This article is part of a feature series on the best startups to launch your career this year.

If you’ve ever sat in traffic and wondered, “How is this still a thing?”, a real estate startup called Culdesac might be the perfect place to start your career. Here’s why.

Our goal is to remake cities all over the U.S. for people, not cars

Culdesac is fundamentally changing how we live and move.

They’re building a new kind of neighborhood. Or, you could say, an old kind of neighborhood.

They’re building the first car-free neighborhood in the U.S. completely from scratch. They envision acres of green space—three times more than normal—where parking lots would normally sit, baking under the Arizona sun. They’re combining apartments with local shops and courtyards. They’re including easy access to bikes, scooters, delivery, and rideshare—and it’s right next to a Light Rail stop—so residents don’t have to own a car at all.

The way we move defines the way we live. And the way we move is changing fast.

Culdesac is a fast-growing startup hiring for several entry-level roles.

They’ve raised $10 million in venture capital from top Silicon Valley names like Initialized Capital, Bessemer, Y Combinator, and more. And they’re rapidly putting that capital to use by hiring for several operations, marketing, and “design your own role” positions in both San Francisco, CA and Tempe, AZ. Check out their roles and pitch them quick!

Culdesac is driven by great values and a great team.

Their careers page talks about their commitment to designing for humans, asking for feedback, working as a team, embracing the full-stack, and shipping your work—including the last 10%.

They also have a fun event called “Remote Week,” during which their entire team travels to a new city to work, bond, and celebrate their shared vision. It sounds like so much fun!

Culdesac could be a great place to launch your career.

This company is an urban design nerd’s chance of a lifetime. As a proud urban design nerd, if I wanted to win an interview for Culdesac’s Community Marketing role in Tempe, here’s what I’d do:

  1. Research Culdesac. Get intimately familiar with what they’ve done so far and how they talk about themselves and their vision in news articles, on their website, and in job postings.
  2. Engage with their team on social media, especially Twitter and LinkedIn. Ask good questions about their process, potential downsides of car-free neighborhoods, etc. Come at the conversation from a desire to learn, and add value to what they’re doing.
  3. Make a list of twenty people I know who might like living in Culdesac Tempe, then reach out to those people and highlight the ones who express interest (assuming 5-10).
  4. Schedule a short call with each of them to interview them about their perspective on car-free neighborhoods, urban design, and walkability.
  5. Produce a short, ~60-second promo video featuring some of the best responses, using a tool like Kapwing (or Adobe Premiere Pro if I’m feeling up for a challenge!).
  6. Create a Crash pitch that features this project as one of the Portfolio items and email it to the hiring manager for this role.
  7. Share it on Twitter too, and tag @Culdesac and CEO @RyanMJohnson—they’re both active!
  8. Bonus: find the Culdesac team members on LinkedIn and send genuine connection request messages to each one.

Hit me at jeremy [at] crash [dot] co if you want to bounce ideas on winning an interview with Culdesac…and maybe an intro to the team as well. 😉

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