Have Yourself a Very Merry Job Hunt

Joel Bein
December 2020

It’s hard to relay just how joyous a Crash job hunt can feel.

But it’s not much different than that excitement and thrill of Christmas Eve when you were a little kid. You know, giddy with anticipation for what the morning would bring.

We think “getting a job” is an arduous task, one in the category of “adulting.” We have to push through the grind, because “no pain no gain.”

Well, that’s BS.

Crash is all about little-kid excitement, and not doing stuff you hate.

You get to skip any job that doesn’t get you pumped up. What a thrill!

You can whip up a creative project, and send it to a company (like a gift!). Then jump for joy when you get their response of “WOW!“.

You get to Crash the party and watch everyone be happy you showed up.

Even when a particular opportunity doesn’t go your way, you can get right back in the driver seat. “Let’s go! What’s the next company I can send an awesome pitch video to?”

So if you’re on the fence about whether it’s worth it to start on Crash, it’s time to hop over that fence.

Before I pitched Crash to join the team, I pitched 20 companies over the first half of the year, as I ran a career-changing job hunt as a side hustle.

I’m not saying there weren’t challenges, hurdles, and frustrations, esp. when I came in 2nd or 3rd place for a particular job.

But I wish I could push a button and transfer to you the feeling of empowerment I had, and will forever have. Knowing that I was skipping the resume and behaving boldly, even if just sending a follow up email to a recruiter, this year I continually felt engaged, alive, and motivated to write my own ticket in life.

Throughout an otherwise difficult 2020 for all of us, I leaned on the Crash mentality to take charge.

I’m immensely grateful for the mindset, and wish it upon job seekers across the world.

Because ultimately, Crash is about discovering and doing what makes you come alive….what makes YOU come alive.

That means not waiting for anyone’s permission to find, create, and win a role that matters to you.

So this holiday season, go fill up your stocking with the tools that will fuel a kick-butt 2021.

No matter what the world is doing around you, you always have the power to choose your attitude and create your results.

Go jump for joy like it’s Christmas morning.

(P.S. Before 12/31/20, head to and enter code “CRASH2020” for half price on the Job Hunt Crash Course. I wrote out most of this course – I think it can help. 🙂)