Send a follow up email to get hired

Joel Bein
January 2021

Follow up emails seem annoying, but they get you hired.

And they’re not annoying! (At least 99% of the time).

It’s always possible to be over the top, but it’s rare to see that among job hunters.

When you send a Crash pitch in an email, you easily could get a response right away, because video pitches are impressive. But if you don’t, keep at it. Get over any fear that you’re too pushy or persistent, and assume you’re not. You’re actually signaling that you’re really interested in THAT company. When you follow up you can get hired.

Send a follow up email every 2 days until you get a response back. You could even send a second, warm pitch!

This is how to make a job hunt a sales campaign, and feel empowered. Follow up to get hired. Don’t skip it.

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