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Trainual: A Hot New Startup to Start Your Career in 2020

Jeremy Chevallier
March 2020

You know a company’s cool when they can spin a boring topic like workforce training into an interesting, hyped new approach.

That’s exactly what Trainual is doing. They boast “one simple system that makes it easier than ever to onboard, train, and scale knowledge for growth” — which is a huge value proposition for rapidly growing startups.

Why? Businesses struggle to grow past a certain stage if they can’t create repeatable “playbooks” of processes that helped them succeed in the first place. So, with the help of Trainual, they break free of the pitfalls of business growth and reach greater heights.

But companies have attempted the whole “workforce training” SaaS product before—so why is it only now that it’s succeeding so well? Let’s dive into what makes Trainual awesome.

Trainual is making workforce training cool again

Any company that can spin a boring topic like workforce training into fun marketing videos is a company I’d want to work for—especially in the marketing department! Check it out:

This type of content reflects Trainual’s approach to everything they do. It’s fun, engaging, relatable, and effective! Once you go to their website, you might start seeing this video (and others) in your social media newsfeeds. If you do, give it a 👍 or a share to support their efforts.

These efforts are also spearheaded by an award-winning filmmaker as CMO—pretty cool.

Trainual is a fast-growing startup

Having just closed their Series A funding round at the end of 2019, Trainual is poised for explosive growth beyond what they’ve already experienced.

CEO and founder Chris Ronzio is a visionary leader with a laser focus on solving this problem, and he’s not stopping for anything. Last year, he flew to NYC to participate in Gary Vaynerchuk’s 4Ds and got some crucial advice about marketing to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Like many other startups, one of the employee benefits Trainual offers is equity in the company. This is basically free money that could put a generous check in your pocket in the future if the startup has a successful “exit event,” meaning an IPO or acquisition.

Trainual was named a “best place to work” in Phoenix

This year, Trainual’s 16-employee team won the honor of being the second-best place to work in the “micro company” category of the Phoenix Business Journal’s rankings.

Ronzio dives in:

When we hire, we think cultural fit is just as important, if not more important, than having the skills necessary to get the job done. Each employee is entitled to an annual $2,500 “experience fund” that they’re able to use on anything they want to do that they’ve never done before. It shows our employees that we are invested not only in what they do inside of the office, but outside of the office too.

Hear it from employees on Glassdoor, who have unanimously rated Trainual 5/5:

Everybody’s input is valued and taken into account no matter what position you are in. The culture is amazing, incredibly inclusive, and super supportive without being the weird, culty culture that can be found elsewhere.

Surrounded by bright, brilliant, and dedicated minds with endless growth opportunities.

Everyone gets along really well, and it’s an environment of supporting one another inside and outside of the office. Honestly, I can’t think of a single con.

And Marketing Manager Becky Winter expands even more:

We encourage each of our employees to follow our core values called “collect experiences.” We support our employees’ development [and] make sure they’re pursuing new experiences, travel, etc. The experience fund can go toward those things, or they can use the fund for conferences related to their role, courses, or other career development opportunities. We’ve also begun to allocate some of the funds to team experiences like retreats, outings, and more. Monthly, we do a team outing to encourage employee bonding outside of the office. Sometimes we hike, we’ve gone and raced go-karts, saw a movie in the private Freezer Room at Harkins, and more.

Trainual is hiring tons of entry-level roles

Boasting benefits like remote work flexibility, monthly team adventures, 401k matching, four weeks paid time off, equity, and health insurance, Trainual is an excellent place to start your career! They’re hiring tons of new people throughout 2020, including roles in salescustomer successmarketing, and software engineering.

If you’re up for living in Phoenix, AZ (land of cacti, great hiking, and the best summer pool parties you’ve ever attended), then check out their openings and see what could be a great fit for you.

If I wanted to win an interview for their Social Media Specialist role, here’s what I’d do:

  1. Research Trainual: read about Ronzio’s story in event video production, find out how much they’ve raised from which investors, get familiar with what they’re trying to do for SMBs.
  2. Get intimately familiar with their social media: which channels they use, the type of content they post, and their brand voice.
  3. Pull content from their blog, YouTube channel, etc. and create a series of social media posts to share their thought leadership across the web.
  4. Create a Crash pitch with this example social media posting schedule as one of the Portfolio items, and send it to the hiring manager for this role. (Hint: marketing manager!)
  5. Post it on Twitter, too, and tag @ChrisRonzio and @RebeccaLWinter!

Email me at jeremy [at] crash [dot] co if you want to bounce ideas on winning an interview with Trainual. I live in Phoenix and am connected to some of their team members!

Keep crushing your job hunt! 🚀

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