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Why Automattic is a Great Place to Start Your Career

Chuck Grimmett
February 2020

I should mention up front, I’ve never worked for Automattic, and they didn’t pay me to write this. In fact, they don’t even know I’m doing it. (Hi, Matt Mullenweg! If you like this, send me some swag!) I’m simply sharing an example of the kind of thing I look for when I recommend companies to young people, and I love what Automattic is doing.

This article is part of a feature series on the best startups to launch your career this year.

I’ve built sites on top of WordPress since 2008, and I’ve kept an eye on Automattic’s incredible growth since then. They’ve scaled quickly, continued to innovate, and now WordPress powers around 36% of sites on the internet. Incredible.

Here are four reasons I think Automattic is an example of just the kind of company you want to look at when it comes to starting your career.

You probably already know and use at least one of their products

Check out this list of tools: 

I personally use seven of them. What better way to land your first job than to help other people use a tool you already know and love?

If you don’t know one of these tools, check at least one out. WordPress is the world’s best blogging platform. Jetpack makes WordPress even better. WooCommerce helps you sell things on top of WordPress. Longreads collects some of the best stories on the internet. 

Here’s an idea: set up a store with WordPress and WooCommerce to sell some cool vintage clothes you find at thrift shops. Use Tumblr to share them/advertise. Use Jetpack to speed the site up, and use Crowdsignal to collect feedback from visitors. Set up a blog from your phone with the WordPress mobile app and blog about it. Doing something like this is a great way to learn Automattic’s tools and it is a great way to learn how their ideal customers use their products.

They support Open Source and the Open Web

Automattic supports Open Source Software and the Open Web. Check out this quote from their homepage:

We don’t make software for free, we make it for freedom.

You can help make the internet a better place for everyone by working at Automattic. 

Automattic has a diverse culture

By working in a workplace with people from different backgrounds who have beliefs, lifestyles, and skillsets different than yours, you’ll be introduced to things you didn’t even know existed, broadening your horizons and introducing you to unique opportunities. 

They have a remote culture that relies on clear communication

If you are interested at all in remote work, Automattic is one of the best places to try it out. They lead the charge on remote work from the start and are one of the biggest fully remote companies out there. 

They have a culture that relies on clear and open communication through their internal set of P2 blogs, which will teach you crucial communication skills that will last you throughout your entire career.

They also do meetups for the entire company each year so you can make some face-to-face connections as well.

But how to get a job at a place like this?

Automattic already has a non-traditional application process, which increases your chances of actually getting your application seen. At the bottom of each job posting, they tell you this:

Please send a short email to jobs @ this domain telling us about yourself and attach a résumé as a PDF. Let us know what you can contribute to the team. Include the title of the position you’re applying for and your name in the subject.

They also tell you to send examples of your work and explain the strategy, implementation, and outcomes.

Fortunately, our pitch tools are tailor-made for this. Make a basic pitch that showcases your strengths and existing work in the field you are trying to land a job in, as well as the tech tools (including WordPress!) in that field. Also, create a targeted pitch with a video that shows you’ve done your research on Automattic and links to a work best work example. Include the targeted pitch in the email you send to the company. 

They have a bunch of positions open on their Work With Us page. Check them out.

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