How to Make the Job Hunt Fun

The first step to making it fun is making it meaningful.

The Hard Way is the Easier Way

If you're doing the easy thing - mass blasting resumes and following job postings with standard apps - so is everyone else.

34 Crashers Pitched to Get a Job in January!

Our mission at Crash is to help people discover and do what makes them come alive. I couldn’t be more proud of that in January, Crash users pitched into 103 interviews and 34 job offers. We’re building a platform to

Shoot a Pitch Video to Get a Job (you can do it)

Voices run through your head: "What will I say?" "I think I'll mess up." "Is my background ok?" "It's not good enough."

Send a follow up email to get hired

Get over any fear that you're too pushy or persistent, and assume you're not.

How to List Soft Skills on a Resume

I saw a question on Twitter posed to hiring managers: "What's more impressive in an applicant; a college degree or having run a marathon." 90% of the responses were "Marathon." Proof beats paper.

Have Yourself a Very Merry Job Hunt (do what makes...

It's hard to relay just how joyous a Crash job hunt can feel. But it's not much different than that excitement and thrill of Christmas Eve when you were a little kid.

Get a Job Interview with a Custom Project

Think about what a treat it is for a company. Without permission, a job applicant emails with, "hey I built this, just for you!"