Don’t Stop at Job Boards

If you've done the research, you're sitting on insights way more valuable than the average applicant

How to Network on Twitter

Go find some cool accounts, figure out who's got interesting Tweets, and follow them. Create a habit of a few minutes a few times a day keeping up on happenings in your spheres of interest.

Want to Stand Out? Do Favors for your Favorite Com...

If you love Apple products, have you ever made something for them or publicly shared what you love about them? You just might stand out and grab their attention. This sounds weird to most people, but it’s a great habit

How to Network to Find a Job (Crash Daily)

People love it when you show genuine interest in them and their work.

Take Pride in Your Work and Job Hunt

Looking for a new job is not just something you have to do. Your job hunt is your craft.

Want a resume to stand out? Go from zero to hired ...

We all need a guide on our hero's journey. Let us take you. We'll walk from "I'm feeling frustrated" to "I'm feeling empowered."

social capital woman helping man step up in forest
How to Build Social Capital on Your Job Hunt

What is social capital? Social capital is the good will you have with a person. How do you build it? A few examples: 👉 Give a smile and a simple handshake👉 Get interested and create good conversation👉 Buy lunch 👉

job hunting with crunchbase screenshots people trending profiles this week numbers
How to Discover Tech Companies with Crunchbase

Learn to use this mass directory of live company data while on the job hunt, to find exciting companies you never knew existed.

discouraged person
Why you should never ‘lower your standards&#...

"Should I lower my standards? Maybe getting into that company I love is too much of a long shot. Maybe I should just apply for any job that seems tolerable." It sounds like a reasonable thought at first glance. But