Storytelling is a Career Superpower

You are your own company - "Me, Inc." Your ability to translate the facts of your life into a story will dramatically impact the opportunities you have.

How to Network on Twitter

Go find some cool accounts, figure out who's got interesting Tweets, and follow them. Create a habit of a few minutes a few times a day keeping up on happenings in your spheres of interest.

tell your story
Tell Your Story: How You See Yourself Changes How ...

The most important audience is you, and the most important story to learn to tell is your story.

How Early Adoption Can Launch a Career

When I launched my first company, I had no money for marketing. My Facebook reach was awesome though....

Feel the Job Hunt Stress? Maybe Don’t Think...

Instead of, "Is this what I want to do/be?", ask, "Will I be in a better position in 24 months than I am now if I try this?"

6 Ways You Win Even if You Don’t Get the Job

Many Crashers get thoughtful responses on pitches even if the role has already been filled.

Turn Your Phone Addiction Into Your Next Job

You have a phone addiction. Browsing social media, chatting with friends, watching videos, etc. etc. You can turn this into a job! No, I don’t mean getting paid to browse through apps and sites, I mean using your browsing in

Why Crash Exists

Our small little way of helping people be fully alive is to help make the job hunt not suck.