Go Your Own Way, but Don’t Go it Alone ̵...

You can't just follow the rules and the crowd and expect good outcomes. If you landed here, you know this.

34 Crashers Pitched to Get a Job in January!

Our mission at Crash is to help people discover and do what makes them come alive. I couldn’t be more proud of that in January, Crash users pitched into 103 interviews and 34 job offers. We’re building a platform to

2 Things That Will Get You Hired

How to get hired? Persistence and creativity. Those two things will do more than any degree, work experience, or resume to help you succeed on the job hunt. Persistence means doggedly researching companies, finding hiring managers, sending them something, following

Don’t Be Afraid to Send the Email

Send the email. I can’t tell you how many great jobs and great careers start with this simple act. An offer to help. A few genuine questions. A project. A pitch. A request for a podcast interview. An offer to

How can I get started in software sales?

Let’s get you started in software sales. Chances are you’re not just looking for theory. You want to know how the sausage is made–which is exactly what this section is about: how you can set yourself up to land you first

How to Break Into A Career in Marketing

Want to break into a career in marketing? But maybe you’re wondering, “Where would I even start?” Great question. ‍ Because the field of marketing is so broad, it can be easy to feel lost or intimidated by all the

Follow Your Passion…. But Your Next Job Does...

Yeah, you want to follow your passion and do work you love. But it's really hard to know what that is or find it.

How to Network to Find a Job (Crash Daily)

People love it when you show genuine interest in them and their work.

Are you a Waiter and want the change to Tech Job? ...

Say you worked at Applebee's as a waiter and were good at it. How can you translate that into something that might get you a customer success job at Spotify?

Crash Daily: If You Lost Your Job from Lockdown

Don't get lured into waiting for things to go back to normal. Instead, future-proof your job.