When to Stick with Something and When to Quit

If you love something, you don’t need any reasons for doing it. If you hate something, you’d better have good reasons for doing it.

How to Turn Any Job Experience into Relevant Work ...

If you can show an interviewer you’re a creative force in your professional life, and you don’t view your jobs as limitations but as learning opportunities and tools for self-expression, they’ll be much more interested in working with you.

If We Taught Bike-Riding Like We Teach Finding a C...

Imagine if we taught kids how to ride a bike the way we try to teach them how to find a career. We’d start by showing them pictures of a bike when they’re young. We’d teach them to say the

Why Your College Degree Won’t Pay Your Bills

Across the country right now many students are being duped into believing myths of a causal relationship existing between a college degree and upward mobility. It’s long past time purveyors of this perverse notion carefully reassess their commentary. At best,

5 Roles to Kickstart Your Career in 2020 with No P...

Figuring out where to start can be tough. Just spend fifteen minutes searching any job board. The sheer volume of open roles can be overwhelming.

4 Things a College Dropout Should Do to Prepare fo...

The difference between expert and non-expert is a couple of blog posts written, a few books read, a Facebook status or two, and maybe a talk delivered. That’s it. You’ll be ahead of 99% of other people if you can

Start Your Career with this Personality Test
Start Your Career With This Personality Test

I feel it–the anxiety. Options paralyze me. I scroll through the jobs board, try to find something. Business Development Associate. Sounds boring. Data Analyst. Could I even do that? Creative Consultant. That sounds great. But I don’t know how to

Graduating college without a job
Five Years Ago I Graduated Without a Job After Col...

I used this same advice to figure out how to think about my career, to 10x my income my first 5 years of jobs after college, and to go from unwitting, lowly college grad to the youngest member of multiple

Featured blog post image of a man leaving his career move to fate.
Don’t Leave Your Next Career Move to Fate

Don't leave your next career move to fate. Don't spray and pray. Instead, dig deep. Experiment. Do something cool for one specific company. Then repeat, and do it again. Build a digital body of work, a reputation, and a relentless

11 Must-Follow Influencers to Crash Your Career

A short list of role models for creating a career and life you want in an unconventional manner. If you’re looking for sources of inspiration, look no further. Ash Ambirge In the digital age we’re living in now, success awaits