Don’t Overthink the Job Hunt

People who are sharp enough to stop and think about the job hunt instead of just plodding along like the masses are often also people who can think too much.

How to Job Hunt – 5 Steps to Lay a Foundatio...

It's gonna take more work up front, but it will pay off, as each additional effort after will be easier and more effective.

Want to Find a Job You Love? Apply this 1 Mindset ...

To find a job you love you need to stop waiting and start doing. That’s it, the 1 Mindset Tip. That’s the truth that maybe you won’t admit to yourself. I empathize. Adult life can be hard. It might punch

Consume Healthier Information, Find a Job

Instead of trying to ban yourself from too much consumption of fluffy stuff, try introducing some quality stuff and not worrying about the rest.

How to Make the Job Hunt Fun

The first step to making it fun is making it meaningful.

Turn Your Phone Addiction Into Your Next Job

You have a phone addiction. Browsing social media, chatting with friends, watching videos, etc. etc. You can turn this into a job! No, I don’t mean getting paid to browse through apps and sites, I mean using your browsing in

Why Crash Exists

Our small little way of helping people be fully alive is to help make the job hunt not suck.

Learn Your Way In – 1 Superpower to Get Hire...

You can learn your way into a job. I read today’s issue of the (phenomenal) newsletter, The Playbook, and it was about a concept near and dear to me: Learning Out Loud. I began learning out loud through daily blogging and