Nick Black
Career Crashers: Be Hungry, Don’t Be Boring ...

Nick Black, founder and CEO of GoodUnited, shares with Joel how job hunters can do better, and what receiving a pitch is like from the business side.

Hunter Casillas
Career Crashers: Flipping Off a Trampoline to Get ...

Don’t try and fit in a box. Don’t try and check any boxes. You are you. You are genuinely just your own brand. You are trying to look good to be people, but you’re going to do it even better

Make Crash Pitching Fun
Career Crashers: Make Pitching Easy and Fun

When we think about the job hunt, we tend to think about hard and not fun work, but it doesn't have to be that way!

Brad Matthews
Career Crashers: Custom Project Ideas for Digital ...

This week on Career Crashers, Joel is joined by Brad Matthews to talk about creating great marketing projects. Brad is a growth marketer at Go Digital China and a Crash user.

Andrew Flynn
Career Crashers: Forging a Path from Ski Pro to Ma...

Andrew Flynn is a growth marketing advisor with a fascinating career crash story, going from pro skier to a thriving marketing career.

Career Crashers: 4 Reasons to Start a Podcast and ...

This week on Career Crashers Joel is breaking down one of the best tools for building your career, starting a podcast! Most people imagine you have to be an expert in some field before you can start podcasting, but the

Bryan Clayton
Career Crashers Podcast: What Employers Really Wan...

One of the best things you can do is show and not tell. These days, a resume almost doesn’t matter. Where you went to school almost doesn’t matter. The more you can show evidence of things you accomplished, that's really

Career Crashers Podcast: Meet Trainual

Today, we’re learning about Trainual: a software tool that companies use to organize their processes and policies into a single business playbook for the entire company.

Nick Rundlett
Career Crashers Podcast: How Sales Skills Will Set...

Sales, at its core, is about helping people solve problems. Listen to Nick Rundlett, professional sales consultant and founder of and let him break down how sales can help you win your next role.

Jonathan Williams
Career Crashers Podcast: How Jonathan Williams was...

This week on Career Crashers, Joel is joined by Jonathan Williams to talk about Jonathan’s experience on how he was able to revolutionize the job hunt before and after finding Crash. For the first month of being laid off I