Nick Black
Career Crashers: Be Hungry, Don’t Be Boring ...

Nick Black, founder and CEO of GoodUnited, shares with Joel how job hunters can do better, and what receiving a pitch is like from the business side.

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Why is Job Searching So Hard? (one simple answer)

Why is job searching so hard? Because you’re doing it wrong. It’s okay, it’s not your fault. The culture has imprinted the concept of “resume” in you since a young age. You absorbed it by osmosis: Resume = how to

Don’t Stop at Job Boards

If you've done the research, you're sitting on insights way more valuable than the average applicant

Why Can’t I Get a Job Interview?

You can't get a job interview because a resume will not get the hiring manager's attention in 6 seconds. No matter how nicely formatted.

Three Job Search Mistakes You Might Be Making

Bottom line, it's in your hands. Get creative, put in some work, follow-up, and you will get better jobs faster than the typical approach.

How to Read a Job Posting

Send PROOF you can do THIS JOB by doing some of it ahead of time!

How to Job Hunt – 5 Steps to Lay a Foundatio...

It's gonna take more work up front, but it will pay off, as each additional effort after will be easier and more effective.

You Can Be Yourself at Work: Have Fun on the Job ...

Have you seen most resumes and cover letters? Not only are the uninteresting, they are utterly humorless and unfun.

Why You Should be ‘Hard to Fake’ on th...

When a hiring manager receives a pitch with a video addressing them by name, sharing what the seeker loves about their company, and a project or two demonstrating the specific skill relevant to the role, it's a powerful signal.