Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

I got an email this weekend from someone who made an ask for help on her business. She gave me a quick update, then asked if I’d be willing to take a call so she could bounce some ideas around

job title boxes labelled with graffiti asking but why
Forget job titles. Find your why.

We're taught to value titles. I say.... who cares what people call you?

just ship it
Ship Your Pitch Before It’s Ready

“One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now.” –Paulo Coelho Imperfect action is better than waiting for perfect. Maybe you’ve heard that before, but how

The Crash Report: 04.10.2020

Today is a bit weird, really sad, and really exciting: it is both mine and Ilya's last day on the Crash team.

The Crash Report: 04.03.2020

This week, we heard some amazing stories from both Crashers and hiring managers this week about how Crash has helped them win their job hunt and hire awesome people.

The Crash Report: 03.27.2020

Updates from the Crash team on the work we did this week to help job seekers discover and do what makes them come alive.

The Crash Report: 03.20.2020

This week, we continued building momentum by shipping several video pitch and dashboard updates (like stats on the dashboard and the ability to email your pitch right on the platform!) and by finding new Crashers. Here's a closer look.

The Crash Report: 03.13.2020

This week, our team shipped some platform updates—with a focus on helping Crashers find awesome job opportunities, worked on our strategy, and continued to ship content daily. Here's a closer look.

The Crash Report: 03.06.2020

This week, we strived to build momentum in everything we did. Here's a breakdown of our team's work this week.

The Crash Report: 02.28.2020

This week, our team made momentum by continually shipping updates to our video pitch tool and dashboard, doing outreach with companies and potential partners, creating new content, and more.