The Crash Report: 02.21.2020

Our team shipped some incredible work this week. To find out more about what's happening at Crash, read this Crash Report.

The Crash Report: 02.14.2020

Check out this week's Crash Report for a closer look into the work our team did this week to help people discover and do what makes them come alive!

The Crash Report: 02.07.2020

If you're curious about what it's like to be a CEO, a product manager, a marketer, an engineer, or an editor at a startup, check out the details of our team's work this week—and ask yourself which one you think

The Crash Report: 01.31.2020

Our team worked on some major updates to pave the way for some new, exciting pitch features—and those features are coming soon. Check out this Crash Report to learn more about what we did this week!

The Crash Report: 01.24.2020

This week at Crash, we talked with our awesome users, made some backend database changes, and worked on creating content.

The Crash Report: 01.17.2020

This week, we made some decisions on the scope and sequence of some product updates (and more)!

The Crash Report: 01.10.2020

There is so much opportunity for anyone to launch a career they love, to do the things that make them come alive.

The Crash Report: 01.04.2020

We heard some great stories this week about ambitious career-launchers taking control of their job hunt and winning roles they love. Here’s one of my favorites: The job hunt isn’t a numbers game—it isn’t about doing what everyone else is

The Crash Report: 12.28.2019

This week, our team took most of the week off to celebrate the holiday season. Isaac expertly built a perfect, one-match fire on Christmas Eve despite all the wood being soaked by rain. Morgan read two books in four days.

The Crash Report: 12.21.2019

Before we dive into the Crash Report, here’s a thought about cover letters. Enjoy. What We Worked On This Week Did lots of customer interviews and research—we built a user satisfaction survey to get feedback on tailored pitches from around