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34 Crashers Pitched to Get a Job in January!

Isaac Morehouse
Isaac Morehouse
February 2021

Our mission at Crash is to help people discover and do what makes them come alive. I couldn’t be more proud of that in January, Crash users pitched into 103 interviews and 34 job offers.

We’re building a platform to transform the way job seekers run their job hunt. We want to help millions of people find and win jobs they love. We want to change the talent market from a paper credential economy to a personal pitch economy. That’s a big ass goal! The only way we get their is one job-seeker at a time.

Every single pitch sent, interview booked, and job offer received is a huge win for that individual, and a small drop on the rock of old stodgy hiring practices, slowly wearing away the mountain of crappy job hunting. It’s a big deal to us every time someone has the “a ha!” moment after pitching their way into an opportunity.

Congrats to all our seekers who are out there showing their stuff and sending something better than a boring resume!

If you’re on the job hunt, join the revolution. Companies are waiting for you. And we’re here to help!

Start the Job Hunt Crash Course

Looking to take action? Remember, resumes have a response rate under 1%.

Video pitches have a response rate over 80%.

Stop sending paper resumes. Start sending video pitches.

To learn the mindset and tools of this revolutionary approach, you can take the Job Hunt Crash Course.

We’ll take you step-by-step from zero to hired. 

💪 Clarify your career direction
💪 Learn what employers are really looking for
💪 Build a body of work (a digital portfolio)
💪 Learn where the coolest companies are
💪 Pitch your way into an interview
💪 Nail the interview and get hired

For months I was struggling to fit my non-traditional experiences into a resume and it simply didn’t work. With Crash, I was able to go from pitch to interview to offer within 24 hours. It felt like magic.

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