Take Pride in Your Work and Job Hunt

Looking for a new job is not just something you have to do. Your job hunt is your craft.

We had snow peas with our dinner the other night. My son said chefs cooking with snow peas will individually remove the spine so they don’t have those stringy bits. He wondered aloud what would make someone spend that much time on such a small detail, especially since most restaurant guests aren’t picky enough to notice.

It reminded me of a picture I saw on Twitter of an electrical box in a utility closet. It was beautifully symmetrical, with all the wires and conduits flaring out to perfection. The caption said something about it being hidden art. An anonymous electrician took the time to make the work beautiful, instead of just good enough. But why?

The pride of the craft.

Going from good enough to beautiful may not yield additional accolades from the world every time. But it will bolster your personal pride, confidence, and joy. And that, in turn, has a magical effect. A self-assured person who is proud of the work they do radiates something others pick up on. It attracts people and opportunities.

If you’re looking for a new job, your job hunt is your craft.

Take pride in your work

It’s not just something you have to do, or boxes to check off. It’s your chance to show your skills through creative projects, pitches, research, emails, and follow-ups. You can do the bare minimum – go to mass jobs boards, scroll and scan, one-click apply with the same generic resume and “Dear Sir or Madam” intro. Or you can artfully craft a few sentences, a short video, or a beautiful profile.

When you take pride in your work you will feel empowered and confident on your job hunt, instead of desperate and depressed. And your attitude and orientation will bleed into every interaction, and every artifact you create.

It will pay off internally, and over time, the benefits will compound and begin to manifest externally.

Don’t be ashamed of your job hunt. Take pride in it.