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The Crash Report: 01.04.2020

Morgan Von Gunten
January 2020

We heard some great stories this week about ambitious career-launchers taking control of their job hunt and winning roles they love.

Here’s one of my favorites:

The job hunt isn’t a numbers game—it isn’t about doing what everyone else is doing. What matters is showing something that proves you can create value—and that you’ll go above and beyond even before you get the job.

This week, we

  • Solidified plans for tailored pitch upgrades
  • Did budgets for 2020
  • Shipped changes to the profile review system
  • Edited and wrote content (newsletters, articles, social media copy)
  • Wrote new copy for an upgraded, coming-soon version of our how-it-works page
  • Launched new Google and Pinterest ads
  • Shipped some visual updates for the blog
  • Updated the visual part of our pricing page
  • Worked on a loading state for tailored pitch video uploading and recording
  • Worked on an on-platform video recording feature for the profile cover video
  • Recorded audio recordings of a couple of blog posts

Until next week!

In the meantime, check out what we’ve been sharing lately on our blog. Here’s one of my favorite posts from this week—all about ways to stand out from the crowd on the job hunt in 2020.

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