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The Crash Report: 01.10.2020

Morgan Von Gunten
January 2020

This week, I fought a bit of a lack of motivation. It wasn’t fun. Isaac reached out to me mid-week and asked how I was doing—and to be honest, I wasn’t sure what to say. But then I told him how I felt. And he told me, “I totally understand completely.”

Because it’s hard—you get all focused on laying bricks and you forget to look up and see what you’re helping build.

Isaac ended up sending me a ten-minute Voxer message about why we do what we do at Crash—it got me smiling, and I became really excited about our mission again.

I wrote about his Vox a bit more in detail for our weekly newsletter. You can check it out here. But my favorite part (and the part that sums up what Isaac told me) is this:

There is so much opportunity for anyone to launch a career they love, to do the things that make them come alive. You don’t have to just hope for the best. You can go out there and take it.

And now for the Crash Report

  • Isaac talked with two potential education partners
  • Wrote, edited, and planned content
  • Chuck compiled last year’s stats and made templates for the rest of 2020
  • Worked on tailored pitch updates
  • Reached out to users whose pitches will be changed with the new design updated
  • Shipped a new how-it-works page!
  • Updated and created pages in Webflow
  • Designed new dashboard mockups—and mockups for a new pitch builder
  • Worked on new onboarding flow designs
  • Fixed pitch processing bugs
  • Worked on profile video recording
  • Isaac talked with two other entrepreneurs about growth and also ran an interview workshop
  • Worked on automating the pitch follow-up outreach process
  • Shipped a few style updates to the blog template and added a separate social images field
  • Squashed two location bugs
  • Continued converting our CSS modules
  • Set up a Kindle store account so we can build out a new content distribution channel
  • Finalized a PDF version of our ultimate guide to starting your career in marketing
  • Recorded audio versions of our blog content and built a process for continuing to create audio versions
  • Got more users and leads from Google and Pinterest ad tests!
  • Ran social media
  • Started implementation of new dashboard designs
  • Implemented new pitch designs
  • Moved the on-the-job-market toggle to Account Settings
  • Worked on the profile settings page and profile visibility options
  • Created infographics and carousels for Instagram and Pinterest
  • Working on a profile overview addition—with stats, download, sharing, and more

Until later, folks!

Thanks for stopping by! Check out our new how-it-works page—if you like it, share it with a friend on the job hunt (or on social media) so they can take control of their career!

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