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The Crash Report: 01.17.2020

Morgan Von Gunten
January 2020

This week, Isaac did an investor update meeting, we made some decisions on the scope and sequence of some product updates, and more.

You can dive into the details a bit more below!

What the marketing team worked on this week

  • Defined, scoped out, and launched a “Get paid to be on the job hunt” campaign for job-seekers
  • Wrote, drafted, and edited company featured articles (with help from more of the team) in preparation for an upcoming feature on twenty great companies to launch your career at in 2020
  • Created and updated several website pages in Webflow
  • Released several PDFs for our ultimate career guides so anyone can read the guides anywhere they’d like!
  • Recorded several audio versions of blog content
  • Recorded a new Career Crashers episode
  • Made a few product videos
  • Did a few profile review videos and made a how-to-pitch video
  • Did an audit of our email funnel, then created an outline for an update
  • Made edits and updates to several of our landing pages
  • Did research on how other companies are going about their product, marketing, and more

What the engineering team worked on this week

  • Researched on-platform video recording alternates, started transitioning to a new video service, and worked on profile video processing
  • Planned out implementation for major pitch upgrades
  • Worked on a new search functionality for the blog
  • Worked on the mechanics of signing users up for the get-paid test and delivering what they need after sign-up
  • Planned out a few possible scenarios for what job postings on Crash could look like
  • Added a profile visibility toggle (in profile settings)
  • Continued migrating to CSS-modules
  • Shipped a handful of small updates to the layout of blog articles, added a recent posts feed, changed out career guide graphics, and updated the story image quality on our website’s homepage
  • Invested some time in improving our database management to make future changes easier and less error-prone
  • Set up a landing page infrastructure that’ll allow the marketing team to use Bootstrap to create more landing pages
  • Started work on new pitch block renderer
  • Migrated some credit cards over to Brex

That’s all for now, folks!

We’ll be back soon with more updates! In the meantime, check out our ultimate guides to starting your career at a startup—without experience.

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