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The Crash Report: 01.24.2020

Morgan Von Gunten
January 2020

This week, I heard something I had to take note of: crashing the party beats waiting to be on the guest list.

It’s easy to forget that. It’s easy to think we have to wait for an invitation—that we can’t do what we love until that invitation comes.

But that’s not true.

Don’t wait around for someone to respond. Be the person who follows up. Don’t wait for a great opportunity to magically appear. Create a digital paper trail of work so opportunities come knocking on your door.

This makes starting a great career a whole lot more fun—and rewarding.

P.S. I heard that advice (and more) on this week’s episode of Career Crashers. Isaac interviewed James Beshara, and James shares his story of crashing his career. Give it a listen here!

This week, we:

  • Started conversations with new users
  • Held user interviews
  • Figured out some database changes to make maintenance on our site and app much easier
  • Integrated our ultimate career guides into Discover
  • Wrote and edited content (upcoming articles, the week’s newsletter, help articles)
  • Shipped an early version of a help center in Webflow
  • Made graphics for the blog
  • Worked on coursifying our content
  • Isaac did an interview for our Career Crashers podcast and was a guest on the Career Clarity podcast
  • Continued turning our ultimate guides into PDF downloadables
  • Squashed some bugs on the blog post template and added support for Gutenberg columns
  • Distributed a new search component throughout the site
  • Updated welcome bar copy
  • Did research for product, company, and more
  • Chuck hosted a webinar for Praxis participants on learning tech tools for your tech stack (which he wrote about here!)
  • Did some new ad reports and worked on making reporting better in Google Ads

Until later, folks!

Thanks for stopping by. We’ll be back soon with more updates on what we’re doing to help people discover and do what makes them come alive. In the meantime, if you haven’t taken it yet, check out our Discover quiz—it’s a fun way to find the best career paths for your personality.

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