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The Crash Report: 01.31.2020

Morgan Von Gunten
January 2020

I’ve been thinking about this career advice this week:

It’s so, so easy to believe we need to have it all figured out when we start. We think we have to know everything about our career path before we even take the first step.

The thing is, we don’t know what makes us come alive until we try something. Learning and dreaming about a career path isn’t the way to ultimately find and do your dream career path.

You’ve got to try a few things—things you don’t hate, things people will pay you for, things you’re not terrible at— and narrow down your options by making decisions about what you do next based on what you learn from trying things.

Just some food for thought. 😉

This week, our team:

  • Worked on a major update to how we handle pitches on the backend of things, which paves the way for lots of new and exciting pitch features
  • Interviewed and onboarded an awesome Crasher, Corné van Straten, who’s doing a trial period with us for two weeks on the engineering and marketing teams!
  • Wrote, edited, and published lots of career content
  • Resolved an issue where sent-on-platform emails were going to spam (no more spam!)
  • Adjusted some partner outreach
  • Made some updates to our Discover quiz
  • Redesigned Crash’s onboarding flow
  • Had several strategy and content brainstorming sessions
  • Isaac spent some time going through our product and the Discover quiz so we can figure out how to make everything even better
  • Finished created PDF versions of all of our ultimate career guides—so you can download and read the guides anywhere you’d like!
  • Prepped our ad channels and budget for next month
  • Deployed some significant database changes (with only a minor hiccup, and it’s now fixed)
  • Fixed an issue where the navbar would load the mobile layout initially—even on desktop—and switch after a moment
  • Worked on creating more content-as-curriculum
  • Researched solutions for a sitemap and for course content
  • Updated a few tech stack icons
  • Continued working on new email flows
  • Fixed some bugs that would creep up while editing your profile and pitches
  • Fixed some bugs with the new version of pitches
  • Converted the pitch editor so it works with the new pitch design

Until next week, folks!

One of my favorite things we’ve been putting out lately is our ultimate career guides to breaking to entry-level jobs at startups. Check them out!

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