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The Crash Report: 02.07.2020

Morgan Von Gunten
February 2020

Before working at a startup, I had absolutely no idea what it’d be like to work for a company that’s super young and super scrappy.

I’ve spent the last year alongside my team, gettin’ dirty in the trenches of everyday startup life. It’s been a lot of fun, and there’s always something to learn from my teammates and from seeing what each of their daily work lives are like.

So today, if you’re curious about what it’s like to be a CEO, a product manager, a marketer, an engineer, or an editor at a startup, check out the details of our team’s work this week—and if you’re hunting for a great career, ask yourself which one you think would fit you best!


Our CEO, Isaac, got very hands-on this week by…

  • Talking to lots of users
  • Connecting users to specific (and totally epic!) job opportunities
  • Giving feedback on pitches
  • Talking with several startups about roles and talent needs
  • Pitching a few education partners
  • Sharing and road-testing the new pitch design
  • Doing several product walkthroughs to identify improvement areas
  • Recording audio essays and a Career Crashers podcast episode
  • Being interviewed on two podcasts
  • Responding to a PR request
  • Working on early planning for our second-quarter product roadmap

Our product manager, Chuck, worked on…

  • Shipping more changes to Discover and Discover results—removed some questions, fixed a backend issue, and made it easier to find archetypes
  • Updating some print-your-profile-as-a-PDF print styles to make a better resume for a partner
  • Adding new tech stack icons
  • Improving our ability to contact users about specific roles by replicating our location search functionality
  • Addressing some mobile usability issues

Our marketing and engineering apprentice, Corné, created value by…

  • Creating a new marketing video
  • Running a poll experiment on Facebook
  • Outlining a new video
  • Scouting out potential partners
  • Hunting down bugs
  • Figuring out how to set up his dev environment locally

Our head of engineering, Dave, worked on…

  • Onboarding Corné to engineering work
  • Shipping improvements to our development and testing environments—so it’s easier for us to see how new features work in a variety of different user scenarios
  • The new dashboard experience!
  • Lots of strategy conversations and brainstorming

P.S. Dave shared his story on Career Crashers this week—listen to (or read about) the episode here!

Our director of marketing, Jérémy, spent the week…

  • Connecting to our AWS (Amazon web services) so he can publish Bootstrap landing pages as needed
  • Pitching tons of HARO (Help a Reporter Out) requests
  • Collecting video and written testimonials from hired Crashers
  • Getting our first YouTube preroll ad approved and running (and a second one’s under review!)
  • Uploading the first season of Career Crashers to Soundcloud
  • Making our new entry-level jobs board public—check it out at!
  • Mapping out all of our email flows
  • Writing two company feature posts

P.S. If you want to get into marketing, check out this ultimate guide to becoming a marketer without experience!

Our senior engineer, Ilya, made momentum this week by…

  • Shipping print fixes for when you print your Crash profile as a PDF
  • Adding the ability to download your profile as a PDF to public profiles
  • Adding a “copy pitch link” section to your pitch menu
  • Shipping fixes for pitch UI bugs
  • Working on moving profile content from your dashboard to a new area
  • Working on a new on-platform video recording—and better messaging around in-progress uploads

P.S. If you’re thinking about a job in software engineering, check out this awesome guide to breaking into a developer job in 2020.

Our editor, Morgan, worked on…

  • Scheduling out two months’ worth of content for our blog
  • Updating several of ourWebflow pages so they’ve got updated videos and better mobile styling
  • Creating a new Webflow page with quick access to entry-level jobs boards
  • Editing, drafting, and publishing content for our blog
  • Running our social media
  • Sending out the week’s newsletter
  • Updating a made-for-social-media video for one of our Crashers

Until later, folks!

I’m really glad you stopped by. If you’re thinking about getting a job at a startup, here are my favorite resources to help you get started:

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