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The Crash Report: 02.14.2020

Morgan Von Gunten
February 2020

I love it when people find creative ways to stand out on the job hunt. So before you dive into the Crash Report, check out this awesome video from Ivan Ye—he made it for a company he wants to work at.

Pretty cool, right?

A closer look at what our team focused on this week

  • Created and shipped a new sitemap and submitted it to Google
  • Worked on Crash’s new dashboard experience!
  • Started work on a new pitch editor
  • Implemented a new pitch creation modal
  • Worked on our upcoming product strategy
  • Designed and worked on a new homepage
  • Created, published, and shared content—like this article with ten questions you should ask yourself as you launch your career and this awesome story from one of our Crashers!
  • Shipped updates around the site (fixed some help links, updated social meta images and descriptions, added some design flourishes)
  • Integrated a Twitter feed of entry-level job opportunities into our community Slack channel
  • Did some Haro pitches for PR-building
  • Created a demo pitch to feature on our new homepage (coming soon!)
  • Mapped out all recurring marketing work
  • Initiated a new partnership opportunity
  • Made a new Crash team page
  • Reviewed some monster-sized PRs (pull requests)
  • Updated a handful of blog posts so they have better formatting
  • Scheduled several testimonial interviews with successful Crashers
  • Rewrote some of our emails and planned email campaigns for anyone who downloads a PDF of our career guides

Until later, folks!

Thanks for stopping by! We’ll be back next week with more startup updates. In the meantime, we’re always putting new career content on our blog—check it out!

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