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The Crash Report: 02.21.2020

Morgan Von Gunten
February 2020

This week, our team was all about making momentum—we shipped several big product updates (they’re awesome!), and we strived to continually move forward by doing small things that are beginning to bring some big returns.

Here’s a closer look at our team’s work this week.

Our engineering team shipped some incredible work this week—they:

  • Landed the new pitch editor—try it out here!
  • Shipped the new dashboard
  • Updated our homepage design
  • Added an “email this pitch” button—so you can send your pitch right to a hiring manager when it’s finished
  • Restored the ability to delete pitches
  • Added a posting URL to pitches
  • Fixed a bug where profile publishing wasn’t working
  • Added the option to add a custom call-to-action at the bottom of your pitch—like a link to your personal website

To make momentum on the marketing side of things, our team…

  • Made a video on how to make great pitch videos and also made the first video in a series on how to find and land an awesome job (releasing soon!)
  • Reached out to startups about featuring them in articles
  • Isaac had several calls with hiring managers to find and share the best job opportunities with Crashers–and he did pitch coaching sections with Crashers
  • Wrote and edited content (articles, landing page copy, our newletter, email copy, tweets, and more)
  • Worked on partnership opportunities
  • Recorded a Career Crashers podcast interview
  • Found and shared job opportunities—here are some of our favorites!
  • Isaac did investor update calls, talked with several education/career partners, and did a presentation for Praxis participants
  • Optimized our ads toward “digital resume” and “video cover letter” wording to continue testing the market
  • Met with Crashers to record testimonial videos
  • Worked on getting influencer partnerships started
  • Worked on finalizing the content schedule for the next few weeks

We also had a digital happy hour this week to hang out, do some team bonding, and celebrate Jérémy, our marketing director, who’s getting married this weekend!

Until next week!

Try out the new pitch editor for yourself—and make something that shows off how awesome you are to companies—here!

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