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The Crash Report: 12.07.2019

Morgan Von Gunten
December 2019

“We have sent links to Crash/Resume/LinkedIn profiles to hiring managers, and really we decided that Crash is the only thing we should be sending. It’s the best hub for all that detail.”

Josh Ruff, Partnership Manager at preHIRED

We’re working on a lot of tests right now. We’re trying to figure out our hook and what our ideal user most needs and what would deliver outcomes to the awesome users on Crash.

It’s hard. We don’t always get it right. I don’t always get my work right. We’re often figuring out how to build our plane as we fly it. Sometimes, it works really well (tailored pitches have been sent to over 700 companies and bring in interview requests for users every week). Sometimes, something doesn’t work as well. So we have to fail fast.

I’m excited about what we have at Crash. We get to make a brand and product that is the lift-off point for career-launchers–and that makes us pretty thrilled to keep testing and keep building.

Now For the Crash Report

This week, we:

  • Shipped profile-less pitches (try creating your own here to send to a company instead of–or in addition to–a cover letter)
  • Worked on an email-aliasing system
  • Isaac spent the week in San Francisco doing investor meetings–he wrote more about it here
  • Edited and wrote lots of content–blog posts, content for ultimate guides, interviews with Career Crashers, newsletters
  • Published a new, ultimate guide to operations–check it out here!
  • Added pitch intro functionality
  • Brainstormed new pitch user flows and a new dashboard
  • Worked on content and editorial strategies
  • Created visual content (infographics, graphics)
  • Continued building a brand guidebook
  • Shipped a talent search gallery that’s custom for each of our partners
  • Made improvements to blog posts and fixed bugs in pitches, Discover, and profile slugs
  • Ran more ad tests
  • Reviewed profiles
  • Mitchell was on the Tom Woods show to talk about his new article all about the changes happening to the way we work
  • Created custom conversions in Facebook
  • Worked on defining our brand
  • Did competitor research

Some Pictures

We’ve got a few new updates to the dashboard–check out the engineering team’s awesome work this week below.

You can now print your profile as a PDF:

We also improved the launch review process and added the ability to see the feedback video we make for anyone who launches right on their dashboard.

Until later, folks!

If you’re thinking about getting into startups, two quick things: one) awesome. Startups are great places to work. And two) check out this ultimate guide to launching your career in operations at a startup–with no experience. It’s got tips on how to get started, resources, books to read, companies to follow, salaries, and more. Dive in here.

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