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The Crash Report: 12.14.2019

Morgan Von Gunten
December 2019

I’m feeling a little sentimental today—I’m listening to jazzy Christmas music, getting ready for some holiday events, and my head’s full of career launch stories I’ve been editing or hearing this week (they’re pretty cool to read).

But the main thing I’m thinking about is an exciting yet bittersweet transition with a member of our team—so keep reading to find out more.

The Work We Did This Week

  • Collaborated on pitch designs
  • Started rebuilding our all-posts page on the blog
  • Product and marketing teams connected to sync up our processes
  • Isaac did 409A valuation work and other end-of-year things
  • Did lots of product and branding brainstorming
  • Collaborated on editorial guidelines and publishing calendar
  • Simplified the profile edit UI
  • Shipped and tested some fixes for email aliasing
  • Worked on lots of wireframes for a new product dashboard (we’re really excited about sharing this soon!)
  • Wrote and edited lots of content (newsletters, guides, articles, tweets, stories, and this new ultimate guide on launching your career in design without experience)
  • Ran social media
  • Did interviews to hear career-launch stories
  • Did interviews for a new season of Career Crashers (coming 2020 to your favorite podcasting app!)
  • Got Facebook ads running
  • Rolled back votes
  • Worked on simplifying launch
  • Worked on content functionality for the site

Fond Goodbyes

This week was Mitchell Earl’s last week at Crash.

I still remember the first email I got from Mitchell about Crash before I was hired. He sounded really excited about some new platform to help people launch their careers. I had no idea what the platform was or what it did, but Mitchell was so enthusiastic about it I couldn’t help but feel excited, too.

A few months later, when I was getting ready to interview for an entry-level role at Crash, an advisor told me, “Mitchell is a cool guy. So it will be a fun conversation.”

And she was right.

Working in marketing with Mitchell’s guidance for the last nine months was challenging in the best way possible—he never stopped believing I could be better, learn more, write better stories, or do what was needed even if I didn’t know how to do it. He taught me what I know about marketing. I’m incredibly grateful to him for that.

No other person I know can get more excited about career launch than Mitchell Earl (fondly called Mearl by our team). So even though he’s heading off to take the next step in his career at a company we all love—Praxis—I know he’ll continue to inspire us to do what makes us come alive—no matter what.

So thanks for all you’ve built at Crash, Mitchell. We’ll miss you, but we’re really excited to see all you do at Praxis and beyond.

Pretty much sums this up.

If you want to stay in touch with his work and writing, give him a follow on Twitter.

Until later, y’all.

Thanks for reading. We’ll be back soon. In the meantime, check out what we’ve been sharing about career launch over on our blog.

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