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The Crash Report: 12.21.2019

Morgan Von Gunten
December 2019

Before we dive into the Crash Report, here’s a thought about cover letters. Enjoy.

What We Worked On This Week

  • Did lots of customer interviews and research—we built a user satisfaction survey to get feedback on tailored pitches from around two hundred Crashers
  • Answered questions from users and hiring managers
  • Removed launch—now published profiles are viewable in the search gallery (there are several hundred career-launchers here!)
  • Published an ultimate guide to breaking into software engineering without experience
  • Notified published users of changes with launch
  • Worked on a lot of content (posts for the rest of the year, newsletters, social media posts, new blog graphics)
  • Created a new home base for all of our career guides—check them out here!
  • Made updates to the blog post template and the all-posts page
  • Isaac was on two more podcasts—and he recorded another episode of the upcoming season two of Career Crashers
  • Made profile reviews a pro feature
  • Started building career launch curriculum
  • Put together two ad reports with takeaways and learnings for upcoming experiments
  • Continued pitch design work
  • Worked on name- and bio-based search, and updated search (and partner search) to find published profiles
  • Did market research
  • Worked on private launch ability
Some pitch options we’ve been working on. Vote for your favorite here!

Until later, folks!

P.S. If you’re thinking about getting started in software engineering, check out this ultimate guide our team wrote all about breaking into a tech startup’s dev team here. It’s got practical advice on getting started, career paths, salaries, stories, and more.

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