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The Crash Report: 12.28.2019

Morgan Von Gunten
December 2019

This week, our team took most of the week off to celebrate the holiday season.

Isaac expertly built a perfect, one-match fire on Christmas Eve despite all the wood being soaked by rain. Morgan read two books in four days. We all enjoyed time with family and friends (while still getting in some work to make Crash even more valuable than it was the week before).

This week, we:

  • Wrote content (articles, content, newsletters, tweets)
  • Removed launch copy on the sign-up page
  • Made it possible for people on the Accelerated newsletter to sign up for a pro account for free
  • Worked on changing review criteria
  • Reviewed pull requests
  • Started link-building outreach
  • Fixed a bug in the partner search gallery
  • Refreshed profile-editing UI to make way for future additions
  • Built a Google Ads and Slack integration
  • Fixed the profile strength meter—now it can fill up all the way
  • Created infographics
  • Built a marketing budget for the first quarter of 2020

We’ll be back soon with more updates! In the meantime, check out our ultimate guides to starting your career in entry-level jobs at startups. They’ve got stories, salaries, career paths, and practical ways to get started today.

See you next year!

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