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The Crash Report: 04/13/2019

Morgan Von Gunten
April 2019

This week, we continued our quest to make our career launch platform as valuable as possible.

Job-seekers are creating awesome profiles. We’re sending those profiles to hiring managers and are using them to find live opportunities to land interviews and collect feedback. Cameron (our COO) recruited fifteen career launchers who are on the job market this week, and we’re excited to onboard them to our platform soon.

Becoming Better

Throughout this process, we’re developing stronger profile versions. We now have a one-page guide to show how to tailor a candidate pitch to a specific job opportunity. To test better ways to help companies find entry-level talent, we started building a new job posting view.

We’re also working on making our platform mobile-friendly–it’s now got some good responsive features. The team mocked up Sketch prototypes for our new profile design, and we’ve got a mockup of a wizard flow for smooth onboarding.

Here’s a cool preview of where we’re at with the profile!

A sneak peak of the career launch platform we're creating.
There’s more below, but this is that five- and thirty-second view we talk about.

Using Feedback to Move Forward

Dave, Ilya, and Chuck conducted user interviews with seven users to test out mobile and desktop onboarding UX. They’ll use the feedback from those interviews to modify things as needed–they’ll be adding features, removing features, and splitting some features out into seperate solutions.

The team also updated profiles with content for the pitch UI for users who are ready to pitch companies with their profile. They’re porting the prototype of profile version two to the build app, taking share profile pullrequest across the finish line, and added a basic modal component to crashkit.

Pocketbook Launch

We have a launch date for Crash Your Career! It’ll make its debut on April 24–less than two weeks away!

To get ready, we spent part of this week creating landing pages, scheduling podcast interviews, and creating social media graphics for the book.

On the note of podcasts…

  • We’ve got a few podcast interviews scheduled to help with the launch of Crash Your Career
  • Isaac was interviewed on five podcasts this week
  • The engineering team has started recording a podcast together
  • Released a new Career Crashers episode on Keith Farrell’s story of how he created a career as a writer
  • Episode one of Office Hours’ third season (a well-loved podcast Isaac Morehouse and T.K. Coleman collaborate on) launched this week

Creating Content People Enjoy

We’re realizing how great an impact stories have on people. They can make seemingly unattainable results feel possible, they make things real. So here are some of the best stories circa this week (from our own team and others we admire).

This week, Mitchell hit his goal of answering thirty Quora questions in 30 days (we would’ve pied him in the face otherwise). He got nearly 40k views last week. We’ve discovered Quora is a fantastic platform to share advice, build on ideas, and create meaningful content.

A Few More Things

Isaac created slide decks for upcoming presentations, plotted out our Q2 objectives and key results, and put together a monthly investor report. Morgan scheduled out social media content. Mitchell released our weekly newsletter (if you missed it, read it here!). And we started creating a content calendar so we know where to take our blog.

We’re continually developing content and providing feedback for the cohort of Crash users on how to create projects and content that stand out to hiring managers. We’re also creating a plan for the next cohorts to use Crash–and something big: public profile access. Stay tuned to hear more about that soon (we’re pretty excited!).

The Craxis Meetup

It’s the end of a quarter, so the Crash team is meeting up at headquarters in a few days! We share offices with our friends at Praxis, and we’re excited to spend a few days with so many cool people in the same room. You might get to see pictures of it next week.

Until next time!

We’ll be back with another Crash Report next week. Until then, stay updated on what we’re doing by following us on Twitter, Instagram, or by reading more ofour blog!

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