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The Crash Report: 04/20/2019

Morgan Von Gunten
April 2019

What happens when you get the Crash team together in the office for a few days?

The Crash and Praxis teams helping people discover and do what makes them come alive through the career launch platform.
The Crash and Praxis teams.

Quite a few rounds of PIG, the support of young entrepreneurs at a bake sale, and the chance to meet everyone on the team in person.

The team met up this week in Charleston. We shared ideas, worked on projects, and got really excited about where we’re heading with the career launch platform we’re building.

We’re pretty honored to work with this great group of people, and we can’t wait to continue creating a platform and company that helps people discover and do what makes them come alive.

T Minus 4 Days Until the Pocketbook Launch

Our new pocketbook, Crash Your Career, launches on April 24. We couldn’t be more excited.

This week, we wrapped up final book edits and finalized its landing pages and email sequences. We’ve thought through and created some cool promotions, and our Ground Team is getting ready to help us spread the word. We’ve learned so much through this process, and we can’t wait for you to read what Isaac wrote.

We’ll be sharing a lot more about this pocketbook over the next few days–so keep an eye out!

The Profile

To make the profile even better, the team has been working hard on creating an on-boarding wizard. This’ll make the process of building a profile fun and easy.

This week, Chuck had feedback sessions with four hiring managers to assess how well various parts of the profile work for landing interviews. Isaac filmed explainer/tip videos for early Crash users so the process of using the profile is easier and better. We’re working on edit states for profile items, implementing a timeline so users can showcase their work experience, and we’re creating email workflows for content-creation help.

We’re working together to set product priorities for the next two weeks. Since we’re moving quickly toward making Crash public, we’ve got to focus on the most important tasks and ideas.

Soon, Crash will be on Product Hunt and BetaPage, and we can’t wait to see how our platform helps people show their work and crash their career.

Podcasts, Meetings, Content-Creation

Isaac had six podcast interviews this week, including one on Disrupt Education to talk about career launch and Crash Your Career–check out the episode here. We’ve also got quite a few more scheduled (because podcasts are great).

A few of the team had a handful of partnership meetings and conversations with talent VPs at a few larger companies. We got over 120k views on our Quora answers (from this week alone). Mitchell gave feedback to Crash users on their projects and profiles, and we released a new blog post on not leaving your next career move to fate.

Overall, we got a lot done, a lot planned, and we’re looking forward to what next week brings.

And that’s a wrap!

We’ll be back with another Crash Report next weekend! Until then, enjoy one last picture of the Crash and Praxis teams.

Go crash your career.

The Crash and Praxis teams.
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