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The Crash Report: 04/27/2019

Morgan Von Gunten
April 2019

It’s been an exciting, busy week at Crash.

We launched the Kindle version of our new pocketbook, Crash Your Career! It’s currently #1 in its three categories on Amazon (and we’re excited to see how it continues to reach career launchers).

It’s free on Kindle until Sunday–so get your copy here!

Landing Opportunities with Crash

This week, Cameron helped beta-users start job hunting with their new Crash profiles. A handful of them landed interviews (and one got a job offer)!

This is really exciting for us because it means we’re creating a platform that’s actually helping people launch awesome careers.

Cameron also started working on:

  • Integrating the Crash profile into the Praxis program–which means Crash will be the platform Praxis participants use to pitch their skills and show their work to startups
  • Building non-tech versions of job-hunting tooks–like a portfal for early-career job opportunities and an email newsletter for hiring managers

The Profile-Building Process

Dave and Ilya are working on Crash’s beautiful new on-boarding sequence. It’s nearing completion, and soon, users will be able to create Crash profiles with it.

As we continue user-testing, we’re getting some really positive feedback on the baseball-card view of the profile (a new way for users to pitch their skills to specific companies or people).

The team’s finishing up upgrading the new profile design from prototype to a full-fledged app. They started on a new editing interface for different elements on the profile (the pitch view, featured work, and tech stack).

They also deleted a bunch of code, and things still work.

Sleeping in Cars, Email Sequences, and the Tom Woods Show

In our latest newsletter, Mitchell shared the story of a friend of his who slept in his car for a few months to pay off $15k in debt. He earned a great reputation among his coworkers (and a great story) and leveraged his will as a superpower. This is a great reminder to us as a team that tough situations are opportunities to develop great strengths. If you missed the email, you can read it here.

Chuck’s been heads-down this week crafting email sequences to help users build various parts of their profile. This means the on-boarding process to the profile will be smooth, informative, and clear.

Isaac was featured on the Tom Woods podcast this week. This was great for a few reasons: the Tom Woods podcast is great, we’re seeing a huge influx in people being interested in our new pocketbook, and it’s always great to hear Tom and Isaac’s conversations.

We also released our own new podcast episode–Isaac hosted Garrett Smiley of Sora Schools on the Career Crashers podcast. Listen to the episode here if you’ve missed it!

The team also:

  • Made a few mockups for a homepage redesign
  • Implemented new marketing tools
  • Drafted outbound and nurture email sequences
  • Isaac made a short video introducing new users to the profile
  • He also worked on a lengthy investor deck for our quarterly board meeting
  • Got more podcast interviews scheduled and recorded
  • Morgan scheduled content for social media
  • Promoted Crash Your Career
  • Continued optimizing our blog for SEO
  • Worked with our ground team for the pocketbook to help get the word out about it
  • Created profile content for our launch on Product Hunt and BetaPage
  • Isaac finished an article for when we launch the profile
  • Updated our website to add a menu and links to the pocketbook
  • We got a total of 115k+ views on our Quora answers this week, and one of Mitchell’s answers was sent to over a million people in Quora’s newsletter digest

Launching the Profile

We’re planning the public launch of Crash, and we can’t wait. Soon, anyone will be able to build a profile that lets them show their work (and we’re seeing it help people launch awesome careers). If you want to get extra-early access and updates on when this happens, sign up using the button on our homepage here.

Until next week…

That’s all for now, folks! We’ll be back next week with another Crash report and more news on what happening inside the startup building the career launch platform.

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