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The Crash Report: 05/04/2019

Morgan Von Gunten
May 2019

Middle of this week, we invited about five hundred people to build their Crash profile. A fantastic amount are already creating them and showing their work.

Next week, we launch our platform to the public. We can’t wait!

This week, we worked hard to be ready for it.

Testing, Fixing, Adding Features

We tested the profile end-to-end multiple times this week. The development team fixed bugs and added features (like editing existing items). And the profile is looking and working even better every day.

The profile layout on Safari is fixed, and fixes were made to the mobile view on the on-boarding and public pages. Ilya implemented a forgotten-password flow, so users can reset their login credentials. Chuck, Dave, and Ilya also spec’d out our Discover tool’s implementation plan (more on what this is coming soon–but it’s exciting).

Our New Help Desk

Chuck configured our new Intercom Help Desk this week. There’s now a help email sequence for launch, filters for tracking metrics, and more. He handled customer service chats, coordinated launch and outreach efforts, and the team worked together to create a new shift schedule so customer support for users is readily available.

Launch Plans & Marketing Crash

Mitchell drafted and configured a promotional email sequence for the launch and created a nurtue email sequence for new-user on-boarding. The flow of these emails is neat. Mitchell guides people through the on-boarding process with daily emails structured to build anyone’s confidence in launching their career without credentials.

Isaac did lots of legal work–like drafting new terms of service and privacy policies and updating information for the benefits plan.

In the wake of launching Crash Your Career, our new pocketbook written by Isaac, we’ve heard some awesome stories from those who’ve read it (like this high schooler who’s been presenting its ideas to his school). Isaac shared more on the pocketbook on the School Sucks Show and the Follow Your Different podcast, and we’re excited to continue seeing how it helps career-launchers.

Mitchell tested email sequences in Outreach (the new platform we’ll use for these emails). He crossed a fifty-day streak threshold on his answer-per-day Quora challenge (and got about 60k more views this week). He also wrote our latest newsletter–read it here if you missed it.

Morgan promo’d Crash Your Career on social media. She also built the first stage of the new design of our homepage and blog on a staging site (going live soon!) and fixed some MailChimp automation issues a landing page was having.

Using the Crash Profile

Cameron worked with the Praxis team to onboard participants to the Crash profile. This meant a few curriculum changes and some restructuring of the Praxis placement process, but soon, Crash will be the platform Praxis participants use to pitch their skills to companies.

Cameron also shopped out early Crash profiles on the job market and started building the initial version of an early-career jobs board.

And that’s it (for this week)!

We’ll be back next week with more startup news to share. Until then, check out our blog or podcast. And most of all, keep an eye out for the Crash profile–going public in just a few days.

May the fourth be with you.

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