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The Crash Report: 05/11/2019

Morgan Von Gunten
May 2019

This week, we launched Crash to the public. Now, anyone can create a skills profile and show their work to win opportunities.

It’s time to bypass credentials and debt, to build something that proves why you’re worth hiring.

It’s time to create a Crash profile.

Try one out for yourself here (we think you’ll like it).

Beyond launching Crash to the public, what else did our team do this week?

Here’s a breakdown of what we worked on.

Behind the Profile

Seeing the profile grow and become better each week is a huge highlight for us. It means an even-better experience for our users, and because of that, we get to see more people build a skills profile to show their work.

Chuck spent some time this week analyzing the current on-boarding flow and made a few changes to increase completion rate. He updated our Intercom helpdesk so there are more ways for people to find help articles when building their profiles. And based on customer usage, he also added new icons and more pre-filled suggestions for the Tech Stack–so you can find and show more skills.

The People Building Profiles

This week, Cameron helped new users create some awesome Crash profiles. If you want to take a look at what people are building, check out Cody’s profile and Lena’s profile–they’ve just finished theirs!

The Board Report, Job Pitches, and Partnerships

Isaac focused on our quarterly board report, and Cameron created a “How to Create a Crash Job Pitch” guide and ran a workshop on it for Praxis participants.

We launched our first partnership this week with a student group–and we’re working on feedback with them to make the experience as valuable as possible. We’ve also got several other partnerships with student groups in the works. If you know a student group looking for a way to map learning onto the career landscape, email We’d love to talk.

Cameron also on-boarded a new hiring partner and built a simple jobs board of high-quality, early-career opportunities for Crashers to find jobs to pitch to.

What the Marketing Team is Working On

We sent out early-access invites to about six hundred people this week! We also started our email outreach sequences, and we’re excited to see where it goes.

Mitchell worked on a dashboard for tracking analytics and metrics–something still in progress. He’s performing an analytics audit and is getting some free, outside help on it; he helped another company sketch out their Martech and Fintech stacks to get them off the ground; and he’s been on fire on Quora (his answers got 55k views this week).

Morgan started putting together resources on how to get published on third-party sites (like The New York Times, TechCrunch, and more), managed social media (with a heavy focus on promoting Crash Your Career, our new pocketbook), and is working on some new website designs.

We also sent out our weekly newsletter on Friday, but we changed it up a bit to tell a new kind of story–if you missed it, check it out here.

New Podcast, New URLs

Dave and Ilya launched the Crash Log podcast this week! They’ve already released a few fantastic episodes detailing the journey of building Crash. Check it out here.

Because of Dave’s migration work, we now have really nice URLs for profiles! Before, they were at Now, your profile is at

The engineering team also started working on Discover (more on that coming soon!).

And that’s it!

We’ll be back next week with another Crash Report. Until then, try building your own Crash profile.

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