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The Crash Report: 05/18/2019

Morgan Von Gunten
May 2019

For most of this week, the team dived deep into different elements of growth and marketing with some Bay Area experts.

We reprioritized our upcoming work to focus on our one key metric: getting people hired.

That’s our biggest focus.

We’re getting to the core of the questions we’re trying to answer and the problems we’re trying to solve.

The team thought through and had a lot of discussions on what activities will best help Crash users make awesome profiles to get awesome jobs. We had some great, deep conversations on our roadmap and priorities, and we’re finding these talks are effectively helping us decide what to build next and how we’ll know if it’s a good use of time.

Now, Isaac is plotting a process to take in data and feedback on how we can help Crash users do the above. We’re using that process to prioritize our next steps and decide on features and content we should take on. Mitchell, Chuck, and Dave also worked on quite a few metrics and analytics to track to help us start answering that question.

Codename: Jarvis

Get it? Because the profile is like your personal Iron Man suit.

Dave (on the Crash team) and a whiteboard drawing of our platform.

Dave, Chuck, and Ilya spec’d out a new profile design experience (codename: Jarvis) this week.

We want the user experience to be the best possible. So Jarvis will be our copilot (more on this coming soon!).

Custom Pitches, User Metrics, and Pitch Videos

This week, Cameron on-boarded Crash users with completed profiles to the new custom job pitch tool we rolled out! He also shopped Crash profiles out to hiring managers, organized how we track user outcomes, and built more support content for custom job pitches.

Chuck, Dave, Cameron, and Mitchell built out a spreadsheet to track user funnel metrics and weekly forcasting, and Chuck uploaded lots of video poster images for pitch videos (so profiles look even more awesome).

Outreach, Strategy, Design

Mitchell did a lot of email outreach to drive new user signups. He met with potential partners, wrote the week’s newsletter, crossed half a million total views on his Quora answers, read and took a bunch of notes from Drifts This Won’t Scale, and started a new book on Kevin Durant’s relentless pursuit of greatness.

Mitchell and Morgan worked on our Product Hunt and content strategy. We’re excited to try a few different ideas to most effectively reach people with our platform.

Morgan designed our new landing page, Isaac and Mitchell wrote and gave feedback on copy, and we passed it off to Dave (it’ll be live soon!).

The Crash team learning about growth and marketing.
Learning tons in San Francisco.

Morgan also started putting together a content strategy for the Crash blog. We want to create content that helps people launch their careers, content that meets pain points Crash users have.

Speaking of content, Isaac published a great new thought-piece article on why tech is an ally to your career. It shows how you can use information to build your own Iron Man suit. If you haven’t read it, check it out here!

(Jarvis, Iron Man suit. We just like the Iron Man theme.)

Isaac’s doing personal coaching and giving feedback to a handful of users. He also made a few walk-through videos and wrote/edited copy for marketing and product usages.

We’re pretty glad to have this awesome team to work with. They’re changing the way people everywhere launch their careers.

And that wraps it up!

We’ll be back soon to show more of our work. But in the meantime, check this out: 👇

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