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The Crash Report: 05/25/2019

Morgan Von Gunten
May 2019

The Crash team tackled a lot this week.

But before we dive into the details, we’ve got some big announcements:

Our new homepage is live!

So nice.

A big thanks to our engineering team for turning this around so quickly. We’re still working on some of our messaging (we’ve realized just how hard it is to communicate a value prop in five words), but the site is already doing its job–and we’re excited to see how it clarifies what we do here at Crash. Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re on the job hunt…

Check out Job Hunting Academy–an upcoming free workshop Cameron, our COO, is hosting. But it’s only got 20 spots available–so apply for your spot now if you’re interested.

Want to see what else we did this week? Keep reading for some insider knowledge on the work we’re doing.

Building Discover

Chuck and Ilya worked hard on our upcoming Discover tool this week. Ilya built 95% of it this week (he’s awesome), and to make Discover’s user experience faster, Chuck trimmed out a third of its content. He also added imagery, tweaked copy, and revamped its scoring process to reflect new changes.

It’s getting near-to-done, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

A sneak peek of Discover. We’re excited for this.

Making Crash Better for Our Customers

The team is working on a new talent gallery view for the platform. This’ll help users see other users on the platform with complete profiles.

Isaac ran a workshop for profile users. Chuck hopped on support calls to find and squash annoying bugs. Cameron launched a new weekly newsletter on the top ten early-career job opportunities for non-coders, and he also ran on-boarding sessions with career launchers. Mitchell had several calls with users, and the team jumped on Intercom to connect with site visitors.

We also realized we needed to be better at answering questions about our platform. So–fog is cleared!–we created an FAQ. It’s got lots of answers–from “What’s a skills profile?” to “What if my featured work isn’t perfect?” Check it out here.

Marketing Outreach and Plans

Mitchell did a lot of email outreach about Crash this week. He also had several meetings to get feedback on our marketing and positioning, spent a lot of time thinking about the tone of our messaging, got about 40k more views on his Quora answers, started drafting a new long-form article to release next week, and wrote a newsletter on why feedback is necessary for growth.

Morgan worked on our Product Hunt plan (including our goals during launch, the details of its timing, and what a demo video will look like), built different typeforms, ran our social media platforms, and did some copyediting and writing.

A Few More Things

Isaac reworked financial projections and milestones quite a few times. Changes are pretty normal at a startup–and we’ve learned to enjoy the journey and learn as much as possible along the way to become even better.

Cameron sent batches of custom pitches and profiles to hiring managers at leading tech startups and scoped out the initial Crash Job Profile (a way for hiring managers to showcase open opportunities).

The engineering team worked on homepage tweaks, Ilya fixed a ton of bugs, and Chuck shipped a change on the on-boarding flow–now, new users are able to show if they’re on the job market.

Until next weekend!

We’ll be back soon with another Crash Report on the work we’re doing on the career launch platform. You can stay updated during the week by reading more of our blog, following us on social media, or, the best option: building your own Crash profile. Start below!

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