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The Crash Report: 06/01/2019

Morgan Von Gunten
June 2019

Exciting news: we launched Crash on Product Hunt this week!

The reception was incredible. It’s always amazing to see something we’ve invested months into be found by people who are excited as we are about it.

Some of our favorite things people told us on Wednesday were:

I’ve gotten more value from Crash in the past three months than I got out of seven years in university. This is not an exaggeration, and it is not even close. Nothing else needs to be said.

James Fraser

The Crash profile forces you to prove you can do actual work using skills that companies actually want. 

Randy Vollrath

​Crash is the simplest tool for the job hunt that I have come across.

Keri McClain

In a world where people are too often focused on status and “signal” rather than people who can really make stuff happen, Crash is a breath of fresh air. It helps people who deliver succeed while also helping companies find these folks in a really noisy world.

Mike Maples

A few awesome stats from the launch:

  • 172 new people signed up to build their own skills profiles
  • Made it all the way up to position 8 out of 40 products on the day we launched
  • 353 upvotes so far
  • 22 reviews
  • A lot of new profile content added

Check out the video Morgan created this week to introduce skills profiles to the world!

We can’t wait to see how this continues to reach more people.

Keep reading to find out more of what we did this week, what we learned from our launch, and what we’re working toward next.

A Gallery of Profiles

This week, Chuck finished our new talent gallery view. This was something a lot of our profile users requested–the ability to see everyone else on the platform. Now, everyone with complete profiles can see others on the platform.

The Crash Talent view
So nice.

Discover, Bug Squashing, and Profile Improvements

Ilya shipped our Discover tool for internal testing! Dave joined him to work on its results page, more of the team did some testing, Mitchell wrote new copy, and Chuck tested the tool for accuracy and user-experience pain points.

A few other big things the engineering team worked on:

  • Dave shipped a new feature that allows you to skip sections when going through onboarding, investigated slow queries, and improved logging and monitoring
  • Ilya implemented rearranging featured work items and fixed oversized pitch videos
  • Chuck fixed a ton of visual bugs before our Product Hunt launch

The Best Kind of Customer Service

Chuck answered lots of customer questions on our Intercom chat this week. But the best was this one:

That’s how you do customer service like Chuck.

Driving, New Messaging, Published Writing, and Podcast Interviews

Isaac did interviews on podcasts and radio. He also drove his family across the continent this week–and finally made it back to San Francisco, where most of the team is this summer.

Mitchell finished up a new thought piece on how he graduated college without a job, what he didn’t know then, and what he knows now after turning that whole process around (read it here!).

He also did feedback calls with users, did market research and manual prospecting–he’s hoping to learn where we can attract new users and how to figure out what they’re looking for so we can help make the job hunt easier, and wrote this week’s newsletter.

After last week’s process of working through our messaging, he decided on a direction–go check out our homepage to see what we went with!

Morgan headed up our Product Hunt launch, kept an eye on our ranking, and chatted with new and existing users who commented and gave feedback. She made the new video (watch it here if you missed it), finished building out a demo profile so Product Hunters could see what a profile looks like in action, made quite a few graphics, and ran social media.

She also wrote a new guide on how to create a really good skills profile–check it out here (it’s great for new, current, and interested users of our skills profile!).

What We Learned from a Product Hunt Launch

This could honestly be an entire post in itself. It’s safe to say we learned a lot.

The biggest thing we’ve taken away from this is how important it is to create something valuable that helps others succeed.

Another great insight we’re taking away is when you’re launching something, instead of mass-emailing or making a lot of big asks from your overall network, focus on the people you know, the people who will be as excited as you are about what you’ve made. It’s better to have a hundred who are passionate than thousands who are “meh” about what you’re doing, because those hundred are your tribe, and they’ll help you find and reach more people.

Working Toward the “Hired” Status

Cameron shopped out new custom pitches Crashers (profile users) created and sent the new talent gallery to a batch of hiring managers. He drafted a post of great companies and jobs for career-launchers and new grads (keep an eye out for this soon!). And he did onboarding sessions with new users to help them build their profile and start job hunting.

He’s also running a Job Hunting Academy to help people win opportunities faster–and have more fun doing it (happening Saturday).

That’s all for today!

We’ll be back soon with another Crash Report! In the meantime, we’ll be writing more on our blog, Tweeting about what we’re doing, and helping people build incredible skills profiles to stand out on the job hunt.

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