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The Crash Report: 06/08/2019

Morgan Von Gunten
June 2019

What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

Google, probably. Try to follow some interests. If you’re on the job hunt, you look for roles you think you’d be good at.

But if you’ve never tried them, how do you truly know what you’d enjoy?

Maybe you’d try a personality test. There are lots out there. But, truthfully, no personality test will ever fully define you or your future. It can’t–because you’re unique, and your story is unlike anyone else’s.

But what if, instead of telling you exactly what to go into, you were able to discover a few role areas that might fit you better than any others?

There are too many options, too many choices, when it comes to knowing what’ll be a good fit for you.

So you need to eliminate. Narrow the possibilities. Begin. Start.

We created Discover to help you do just that.


Now, there’s a tool that helps you discover your unique personality and find a few roles that might fit. The role suggestions you get in your results are wider buckets than most (sales, customer service, marketing), but they point you down a path you can start walking today.

So go try it–and discover and do what might make you come alive.

Click on this cool image to go try Discover!

Releasing Discover

There was a lot of behind-the-scenes work this week to get ready for Discover. A few things we did to get ready:

  • Dave and Ilya shipped fastboot–it enables faster loading times and social sharing
  • Mitchell wrote copy for the results page
  • Morgan made graphics for social images
  • Chuck added social images across the site (now our sharing links look really nice!)

We’re incredibly excited to see how this helps people discover and do what makes them come alive–and continue standing out on any job application.

If you haven’t taken Discover yet, go check it out!

Tailored Pitches are Winning Interviews

Cameron started recruiting hiring companies for a new product. He outlined content for building a customer service- and sales-focused profile. He also worked with users on creating Praxis pitches–and (exciting news) quite a few people landed interviews with tailored pitches this week!

New Podcast + Radio Interviews

Isaac did two podcast and two radio interviews this week.

Dave and Ilya also recorded a new Crash Log podcast episode. If you haven’t heard about our engineering team’s new podcast documenting their journey of building an Ember and Node web app, listen here!

Our Marketing Projects

This week, Mitchell worked hard on ads, audiences, and landing page mockups. He also did some email outreach and sent out our latest newsletter (if you missed it, check it out here!).

Morgan wrote answers on Quora, began promoting Discover on our social media, helped out wherever the team needed, and published a new article on the blog (check it out if you’re interested in seeing what our team is learning right now).

Until next week!

We’ll be back soon with more inside news on what our team’s doing to make our platform even better. In the meantime, we highly recommend our new Discover tool–go check it out!

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